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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

The Big Bang Theory – 8 Feet Tall And Ripped

Too funny dog thought the cat was dead!

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Music – Yo-Yo Ma plays the prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1

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A little over sharing here. When I was growing up…I didn’t play ‘air guitar. I played ‘air’ conductor.

The Day in a Picture or Two


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The Day in a Quote


This Is What Liberal Politics Can Do – ‘Washington State Passes Toughest Background Checks In The Country For Gun Purchases’

washington state

I always girn (well smirk) when somebody touts New York, Mass or California as ‘progressive’.

You want ‘progressive’?

The voters of Washington state have made a statement about the loopholes in background checks to buy guns. That statement was; make them tougher! Initiative I-594 has passed 60% -40%, making Washington’s background checks the most stringent in the nation’.(1)

In 1998, Washington state increased its minimum wage from $4.90 to $6.50 within two years and indefinitely linked the pay rate to the cost of living. In the 15 years since, the state’s minimum wage has climbed to the highest in the nation—$9.32 per hour—while job growth has stayed steady at a 0.8% pace, 0.3 percentage points above the national rate’.(2)

‘Washington United for Marriage today announced victory in its fight to uphold marriage equality in Washington state, with 52% of Washington voters approving Referendum 74, and just 48% opposed’.
‘With this vote, Washington becomes the ninth state — along with the District of Columbia — to legalize same-sex marriage’.(3)

‘More than 140,000 people signed up for health insurance through the state’s new health exchange as part of the Affordable Care Act last year in Washington state‘.(4)

Washington state approves marijuana legalization‘ (5)
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Blog Running – The Obama Legacy – ‘Obama should welcome impeachment: Take bold action on climate, immigration and force the right to overreach’


obamas fault

‘We’ve been here before, right after the 2010 midterms, but this time may be even worse’.

‘Last time President Obama tried to compromise his way out of gridlock, but the Tea Party-driven Republicans were too insatiable’.

  • ‘The president was willing to give away the store, but they wanted the whole damn town’.

‘They overplayed their hand, and Obama, in spite of himself, stumbled back into some semblance of coherence and principle — although his thirst for compromise brought the nation to the brink of default before he veered back in the direction of sanity’.


This time, having taken over the Senate, impeachment is very clearly on the table for Republicans, and if Obama wants to avoid an excruciating replay of 2011 mixed with 1998, the best thing he could do is welcome the impeachment threat with wide-open arms’.

‘Because the truth is, there’s really no alternative, no deal to be struck with the GOP, beyond stage-managing the details of his own political annihilation’.

‘The clearest policy message of election night was something congressional Republicans staunchly oppose’:

‘Statewide minimum wage hike initiatives won big once again in four red states’

  • ’69-31 in Alaska’,
  • ’65-35 in Arkansas’,
  • ’59-41 in Nebraska’,
  • ‘And 55-45 in South Dakota’.

‘Of course, Obama fighting back remains difficult, if not impossible to imagine’,

‘His self-destructive instinct to compromise is such a core part of him. And yet, the logic of the situation could prove overwhelming’.

‘This is going to be a very conservative Senate, which wants nothing less than to utterly nullify Obama’s presidency, to make it as if it had never happened’.

‘Mitch McConnell once vowed to make Obama a one-term president (a commitment he repeated on the eve of the 2012 election), but now they want even more — to effectively erase him from history’.

‘Of all the issues that cried out in vain for major action in his first two years, there are two in particular that hang in the balance just now, because significant action remains within the scope of Obama’s executive authority’:

‘Immigration and climate change’.

‘Obama has already foolishly delayed action on immigration one time too many at the very least’.

‘Holding back on immigration action did not save Mark Pryor, or help Michelle Nunn or Alison Grimes, as all the small-minded managers had hoped. Perhaps it helped Mary Landrieu survive into a runoff, but it far more likely cost Mark Udall a seat that should never have been lost, so even on the “pragmatist” grounds that justified it, delaying action was a profoundly foolish move’.

‘As far as climate change is concerned, what Republicans want here is to roll back executive action and authority, taking regulatory power away from the EPA with respect to CO2, and overriding the normal environmental review process for the Keystone XL pipeline’.

‘Fourteen years ago, George W. Bush promised to regulate CO2 as a greenhouse gas if he were elected president’.

‘That broken promise was surely crucial in getting him close enough to steal the Florida election’.

‘For Obama to bend now, and become complicit in that ongoing betrayal of the simple promise to follow the science where it leads to protect the planet, now that would be an act of historical betrayal worthy of impeachment’.

‘If congressional Republicans want to impeach him for not betraying future generations, then, once again, he should welcome them with open arms’.
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Why America Is Failing – ‘Check this out -Jake Ward (Al Jazeera)has an amazing graphic on the number of people that DON’T Vote’

people who don't vote1

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How Republicans Will Govern – ‘Republican Who Performed ‘Exorcism’ On President Obama Elected to Colorado State House’

gordon k

Yeah…..A Republican Majority in both chambers is going to be great for the Country……

‘No, this is sadly not satire. Colorado barely held onto their Democratic governor in last night’s hotly contested election. They did, however, elect a radical, anti-LGBT, Obama-hating chaplain to their state House of Representatives’.

‘The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that activist Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt, who made national headlines last year for his attempt to exorcise a “demonic spirit” from President Barack Obama, won his position with 70 percent of the vote in the El Paso County district. The district is solid Republican, with a 2-1 registered advantage’.

‘When giving his exorcism, Klingenschmitt described the President as a “demonic enemy of the Constitution.”

“We pray against the domestic enemies of the Constitution against this demon of tyranny who is using the White House occupant. That demonic spirit is oppressing us.”
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How Republicans Will Govern – ‘Republican PAC Calls For New GOP Congress to Impeach Obama’



Yep…….America will soon be headed in the ‘right’ direction…..

The only question now is will it be the Republican House or the Republican Senate to open an investigation in Obama’s birth certificate.

I’m going with the House.

William Gheen :

willaim gheen
‘With Republicans gaining seven seats in the United States Senate, toppling Democratic control, continuous talks of “cooperation” loom’.

‘However, amidst the usual backdrop of calls for cooperation, bi-partisanship, and ending gridlock, there’s already calls for the impeachment of President Obama from the GOP’.

Right wing talking-head William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has asked the new Republican-controlled Congress to “investigate, impeach, and prosecute Obama” immediately – ushering him out of office with only two years left’.

‘In an email sent this morning, Gheen says NO to bipartisan efforts and yes to talking point BS’:

“We need Constitutional governance restored in America, illegal activity in the Obama administration stopped and those responsible brought to justice more than we need any legislation from the new Republican Congress”!

” If they investigate, impeach, and prosecute Obama, Holder, and Lerner, then the criminal revelations could permanently destroy the Democratic Party which could go the way of Acorn!”
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