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A true 'reflection'. The broken mirror is showing what's behind the viewer.

A true ‘reflection’. The broken mirror is showing what’s behind the viewer.

The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

The Big Bang Theory – Leonard and Penny experiment with dating.


Extreme Parking

It's Time To Get Up - credit-bits-and-pieces

It’s Time To Get Up – credit-bits-and-pieces



Flying Toy Oops - credit-amy-oops

Flying Toy Oops – credit-amy-oops



Feeding A Wild Teddy Bear - credit-sobe-in-a-nightclub

Feeding A Wild Teddy Bear – credit-sobe-in-a-nightclub





A Week Before Halloween And All Through The House



If No One Came To The Monster Mash

Music – Light My Fire – Ricky , Santana, Jose Feliciano


The Day in a Picture


The Day in a Quote


Debunking The FOX News Lies – What Republicans See – ‘Fox News About Face When Rocket Disaster Strikes’

debunking fox


fox lies2‘Currently, the United States supply missions for the International Space Station are being outsourced to the private firms, Orbital Science and SpaceX. To-date, they have had seven successful resupply missions. Tuesday was to be the 8th such mission’.

‘When Orbital Science’s latest launch of the Antares rocket was preparing to lift off of the pad for the ISS resupply mission, Fox News had a colorful title promoting how the launch vehicle was being managed by a private company’.

‘When the rocket failed a few seconds after liftoff, they immediately turned on their heels, and called it a “NASA Cargo Rocket.”
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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun….” – ‘Responsible Gun Owner Jose Canseco Shoots His Finger Off’


When you pick up a gun, be it to clean it, hand it to someone else, shot it, the very first thing you do is to check to see if it’s loaded.

There is no ‘accident’ involved.

Only an idiot would NOT check to see if a gun is or isn’t loaded.

‘Retired baseball star Jose Canseco shot the middle finger off his left hand earlier today while cleaning one of his four, legally-owned handguns’.

New York Daily News:

“Actress and model Leila Knight told the Daily News that Canseco was cleaning one of his four guns in the couple’s kitchen when it discharged and blew off the middle finger of his left hand”.

“He had been at the shooting range a few days earlier. He didn’t know it was loaded,” Knight told The News’.
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Debunking Republican Fox Lies – Republicans And FOX Blame Obama For ……Cheap Gas – ‘Fox News Jumps The Shark, Now Bashing Obama For Making Price Of Gas… Too Cheap’

obamas fault


First it’s too high so it’s Obama’s fault.

Now it’s too low and it’s Obama’s fault.

‘Fox News and its sister station, Fox Business, have an unspoken rule that requires them to make any news item they cover fit into the narrative that President Obama is an abject failure and unfit to run the country. To that end, if the news doesn’t inherently fit into that box, it’s the unenviable job of the Fox News host to smash, squish, and tear the story apart until it does’.


‘So when Fox Business has to cover the politically inconvenient low price of gasoline, all logical consistency must be tossed out the window in order to maintain the “Obama is terrible” talking point. It’s how we find ourselves today watching Fox Business’ Stuart Varney bash Obama for the low price of gasoline’.
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One Man’s Trash…… – ‘Sarah Palin Threatens America By Suggesting That She May Run For Office Again’


palin ugly american


Who are you going to get to vote for you Sarah?

‘Poll: Even Conservatives Don’t Want Palin Running For President’
“The top-line numbers: Only 24% would like Palin to run, compared to 66% who don’t want her to run”.
“And among self-identified conservatives, only 41% said yes, to 50% who said no“(1).

‘Sarah Palin is claiming that she bugs liberals, and she is using this as her latest justification for threatening the country with another run for office’.

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