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If You Don’t Vote – ‘What Will the GOP Senate Be Like’?

republican gridlock



‘There’s evidence to support this view’.

‘In an interview with Politico in August, McConnell said he planned to “challenge” Obama by passing spending bills that included “a lot of restrictions on the activities of the bureaucracy.”

  • ‘That is, Republicans would attach their policy priorities—McConnell specifically mentioned reining in the EPA—to the legislation that funds the government, forcing Obama either to approve their pet projects or shut down the government’.

‘In Kansas recently, Republican Senator Pat Roberts, who’s in a tough race for reelection, made a statement that left me puzzled. “A vote for me is a vote to change the Senate back to a Republican majority, and we’ll get things done,” he said. “And it means a stop to the Obama agenda.”

  • ‘Which is it—ending the status quo of Washington gridlock’?
  • ‘Or ratcheting up the gridlock by obstructing President Obama’?

‘You can’t “get things done” in Washington without the president’s signature, and no matter what happens in this year’s elections, he’s not going anywhere for another two years’.



‘A Republican Senate majority would still change a few things, however’.

‘It would make it harder for Obama to get his nominees approved, something Democrats have been able to do with just 51 votes since they changed the Senate rules with the “nuclear option” last year’.


‘It would make Mitch McConnell the majority leader, with the power to decide what legislation gets considered and how it proceeds through the legislative process’.

‘McConnell would quickly devote the Senate to passing a raft of partisan legislation that Obama would never allow to become law’:

‘Repealing Obamacare’,

‘Defunding Planned Parenthood’,

‘Approving the entitlement-slashing House budget plan authored by Representative Paul Ryan’,

‘Restricting the Environmental Protection Agency’,

‘The result would be a more partisan, toxic, and stalemated Washington than ever before’.
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