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Debunking The “There’s No Difference Between The Two Parties’ Lie – ‘Why conservatives prefer propaganda to reality’


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Consistent conservatives only trusted 8 media sources–compared to the 28 liberals trusted–and of the eight, only one has anything approaching respectable reporting or reliable information’.

‘And that one, the Wall Street Journal, has good straight reporting but has an op-ed page that is a train wreck of right-wing distortions and misinformation’.

‘But what is really frightening is the reach of Fox News’.

‘Fox News rated as the only real news source for consistent conservatives, with 47% of them citing it as their main source of news’.

‘Nothing even came close to touching it, as the second most common answer, “local radio” was cited by only 11% of consistent conservatives’.

Eighty-eight percent of consistent conservatives trusted Fox News’.

‘Pew Research set out to find what’s behind what it considers the increasing political polarization of the United States; why the country is moving away from political moderation and becoming more and more divided between liberals and conservatives’.

‘That this polarization is going on isn’t a myth’.

‘Previous Pew research shows the percentage of Americans who are “mostly” or “consistently” conservative has grown from 18% in 2004 to 27% in 2014’.

‘During that same period, the percentage of Americans who are “mostly” or “consistently” liberal stayed a little more consistent, growing from 33% to 34% in 10 years’.

‘Pew researchers gave respondents a list of 36 popular media sources and asked how much they trusted each one. Some were liberal, like The Daily Show or ThinkProgress. Some were conservative, like Rush Limbaugh or Fox News’.

‘The findings were astounding’.

‘Out of the 36 news sources, consistent liberals trusted 28, a mix of liberal and mainstream news sources’.

‘Mostly, liberal respondents generally agreed, holding out a little more skepticism for overtly ideological sources like Daily Kos or ThinkProgress, but not actually distrustingthem, either’.

‘The only news sources liberals didn’t trust, generally, are overtly right-wing ones, such as Fox News, the Blaze, Breitbart, or Rush Limbaugh’s show’.

‘Conservatives, on the other hand, saw betrayers and liars around every corner’.

‘Consistent conservatives distrusted a whopping 24 out of 36 outlets’.

‘And mostly conservative respondents distrusted 15 and were skeptical of quite a few more’.

‘The hostility wasn’t just to well-known liberal sources like MSNBC’.

‘Strong conservatives hated all the network news, CNN, NPR, and the major national outlets, except the Wall Street Journal’.
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Why It IS Called The ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘Delusional Ted Cruz Staffer Blames Ebola On Obamacare, Hilarity Ensues’

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‘On Thursday night, it was announced that a fourth case of Ebola in the United States had been confirmed in New York City’.

‘Shortly after, Nick Muzin, advisor to Ted Cruz and his Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, sent a since-deleted tweet blaming the Ebola crisis on none other than the Affordable Care Act’.

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Debunking The Republican Lies – What Republicans Watch – ‘Megyn Kelly’s Fox Report on Voter Fraud is So Bogus, It Has Its Own Snopes Page’

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‘Snopes is a popular web page dedicated to debunking myths and busting internet rumors, often from fake websites like Empire News and the National Report’.

‘Now, it appears Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has earned her own page on the site’.

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‘On Oct. 21, Kelly opened up her ‘Kelly Files’ show by warning that people in Colorado could simply print off as many ballots as they wanted and then hand them to so-called vote collectors, which would lead to voter fraud’.

A new law has opened the door to possible voter fraud in a critical Senate race that could decide the balance of power in Congress,” she reported as breaking news. “It was roughly sixteen months ago when the Democratic governor of Colorado signed a first of its kind new election lawa set of rules that literally allows residents to print ballots from their home computers, then encourages them to turn ballots over to ‘collectors’ in what appears to be an effort to do away with traditional polling places.”

‘Then to emphasize her point she exclaimed, “What could go wrong?”

‘As Snopes quickly pointed out, however, nothing could go wrong because Kelly was making the whole ‘print-at-home ballot’ thing up’.

‘Despite having no basis in fact, though, Kelly’s rumor quickly took off through the internet, eventually prompting a response by Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler’.

“While traditional polling places are a thing of the past (in-person voters can go to Voter Service Centers instead of traditional precinct polling places) because of the law, the claim that it allows for home-printed ballots is simply false,” Gessler’s office told the local news, stressing that the only exception to the print-at-home rule were people serving in the active military’.

‘As a result of Gessler’s clarification, Snopes has stamped Kelly’s report as ‘False.’
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