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Music – Glen Campbell – I’m Not Gonna Miss You


Legendary singer and songwriter Glen Campbell has been battling Alzheimer’s disease for years, and is now in the final stages of the disease. Campbell has been moved to 24-hour care, as his doctors have determined that he is in the sixth stage of Alzheimer’s (‘severe cognitive decline”). It has been nearly two years since Campbell has performed in public — however, as a farewell to his music career, Campbell’s record label has released his final studio recording.

The Republican War On Women – ‘South Carolina Prosecutors Say Stand Your Ground Doesn’t Apply To Victims Of Domestic Violence’

war on women10

gun nuts11

‘South Carolina is one of more than 20 states that has passed an expansive Stand Your Ground law authorizing individuals to use deadly force in self-defense. The law has been used to protect a man who killed an innocent bystander while pointing his gun at several teens he called “women thugs.”

‘But prosecutors in Charleston are drawing the line at domestic violence’.

“(The Legislature’s) intent … was to provide law-abiding citizens greater protections from external threats in the form of intruders and attackers,” prosecutor Culver Kidd told the Post and Courier’.

“We believe that applying the statute so that its reach into our homes and personal relationships is inconsistent with (its) wording and intent.”

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The Republican War On Women – ‘Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Endorses Federal Personhood Bill For Fetuses’

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joni ernst

It’s not about anbortion….It’s about you having NO choise from the
moment of conception.


IA-Sen: Joni Ernst (R) Wants To Repeal Obamacare But Keep The Medicaid Expansion(1)

“The candidate’s campaign website says she’s “staunchly opposed to the Obamacare law” and “supports immediate action to repeal Obamacare.”

So……..Joni Ernst wants to take away health care for the poor but force to have children – even if raped.

I wonder what ‘religion shaped that belief?


Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst said she would support a
federal bill that gives legal personhood rights to fetuses from the
moment of fertilization, effectively wiping out legal abortion in the
United States’.

‘Ernst voted for a fetal personhood amendment in the Iowa State
legislature in 2013, and she told the Sioux City Journal editorial
board on Wednesday that she also would support a federal personhood
measure if she were elected to the U.S. Senate’.

“I will continue to stand by that. I am a pro-life candidate, and
this has been shaped by my religious beliefs through the years,” she
said. “So I support that.”
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Debunking The Republican Liars – ‘The Reinventions of Rand Paul’


rand paul lies1

I am so looking forward to this guy running for President. They will be rough on him in the Republican primary’s but when he goes up against Hillary?

Rand ‘If I Were President I’d Fire You’ Paul will not be able to hide form all the lies he has told.

rand paul unconstitutional
I have said and I will continue to say that we shouldn’t cut one
penny from the safety net until we eliminate every penny of corporate
‘– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), in a Time profile’.


‘Rand Paul unveils plan for $500B in budget cuts’

‘Paul introduced legislation in the Senate on Tuesday that would
slash $42 billion from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food
stamp program — a 30 percent reduction from the current funding

‘Critics lashed out Wednesday at a proposal by U.S. Sen. Rand Paul to
slash numerous federal programs, including food stamps, to save $500
billion in a single year’.

“Some of the elements of the plan, which would remove the safety net
that poor and vulnerable people need, we would find morally
objectionable,” said the Rev. Patrick Delahanty, executive director
of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky‘.
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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘Everyone In What Looks Like A Group Photo On GOP Governor’s Website Is Photoshopped’


debunking lies

‘Asked if everyone else in the photoshopped image were stock photos
as well the Corbett campaign FIRST told BuzzFeed News, “the graphic
has both stock photos and actual photos in it..”

UPDATE – ‘On Gov. Tom Corbett’s campaign website. Update (6:58
p.m.): The Corbett campaign says thewhole website footer graphic”
is Photoshopped, including a stock image of a black woman’.

‘A black woman smiling in the background of a group picture that
appears at the bottom of every page of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom
Corbett’s campaign website is actually a stock image, photshopped

‘Everyone else in the graphic was photoshopped in, too’.
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My 2 Cents….. – ‘Nurse may have had symptoms of Ebola longer than first thought’

2 cents

taking away health care

‘Amber Vinson was hospitalized Tuesday, one day after she took a
Frontier flight from Cleveland to Dallas’.

‘Tests later found that Vinson — who was among those who cared for
Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the
United States, at Dallas’ Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital — had

‘Authorities indicated Vinson had a slightly elevated temperature of
99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which was below the fever threshold for
Ebola, but didn’t show any symptoms of the disease while on her
Monday flight’.

‘This is significant because a person isn’t contagious with Ebola,
which spreads through the transmission of bodily fluids, until he or
she has symptoms of the disease’.

‘But on Thursday, Dr. Chris Braden of the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention told reporters in Ohio that “we have started to look
at the possibility that she had symptoms going back as far as
Saturday. … We can’t rule out (that) she might have had the start
of her illness on Friday.”

What is wrong with the medical community in Dallas?

I’m serious!!

What is wrong with them????

I do not know of a single intelligent person, health care
professional or not, who would have just taken care of a person who
had Ebola and then had a slight fever who would have thought – “Gee.
I’m going to get on a couple of planes and travel around a bit”.

Just as a normal person walking around on Earth I’ve known about how
deadly Ebola is since the 80’s.

With any contagious disease, you track and isolate, track and

That’s how you stop it from spreading. At the first signs of
symptoms, YOU take yourself out of the picture because you COULD BE
contagious and spread the disease.

And the nurses descriptions of the protection?????

Republican Fear Mongering – ‘Donald Trump: Ebola-Infected Immigrants Will ‘Just Walk Into The Country’ Over Mexican Border’

donald trump1

donald trump

‘Donald Trump appeared on “The Steve Deace Show” this week’.

‘After lashing out at President Obama’s fondness for golf, claiming
that the president shows “a level of arrogance that’s absolutely
disgusting,” Trump said that he was attracted to King’s hardline
anti-immigrant stance’.

Now especially with Ebola, how about 

when that starts happening down in that area and people just walk
into the country.”
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Liberals Lose 2014 Kentucky – ‘Again: Grimes Refuses to Say She Voted for Obama During Debate With McConnell’ And Now – ‘Michelle Nunn Won’t Say If She Voted for Obama’




turn kentucky blue2

A great campaign…….until the last 4 weeks.

All you had to do was answer the question BOTH OF YOU!!!!! and you would have won.

“This is a matter of principle. Our constitution grants, here in Kentucky, the constitutional right for privacy of the ballot box, for a secret ballot,” Grimes said’.
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‘Another Democratic Senate candidate has refused to say whether she voted for President Obama: This time it was Michelle Nunn in Georgia’.

‘Nunn was approached by a tracker who asked her if she voted for the president in 2008 or 2012. Nunn did not respond and kept walking towards the venue she was headed to. In the video captured, a member of her entourage faces the tracker and asks, “Would you leave her alone?”?

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