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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun……” – ‘Meet the Unhinged Open Carry Psychopaths Kroger Just Welcomed Into Their Stores’











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If You Don’t Vote….Republicans Taking Away Health Care From Millions Of Americans – ‘Republicans Eye Obamacare Showdown in Lame Duck’

taking away health care

Don’t offer even 1 piece of legislation to help people without health
care coverage – just take it away.

Republican American Exceptionalism.

‘Updated 5:22 p.m. | A group of Senate Republicans have their eye on
another Obamacare showdown in the lame-duck session’.

‘The 14 Republicans, led by Marco Rubio of Florida, wrote a letter
urging Speaker John A. Boehner to ”prohibit the Obama administration”
from spending money on an “Obamacare taxpayer bailout.”

They point to a legal opinion from the Government Accountability
Office that said additional funding authority would be needed to make
payments to insurance companies under the risk-corridor component of
the Obamacare health care exchanges’.

‘The Republicans say taxpayers
could be on the hook for bailing out insurance companies that suffer

“Without that appropriation, any money spent to cover insurance
company losses under the risk corridor program would be unlawful,”
the senators wrote to Boehner, later noting Congress needs to act to
keep the government operating past Dec. 11, when the existing
continuing resolution expires’.

“The American people expect us, as Members of Congress, to fulfill
our Oath of Office and defend the Constitution,” the senators wrote.
“Therefore, we must act to protect Congress’ power of the purse and
prohibit the Obama administration from dispersing unlawful risk
corridor payments providing for an Obamacare taxpayer bailout.”
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