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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

The Big Bang Theory – Howard’s kissing machine

Spoiled rotten

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Music – Dueling Banjos Deliverance


If You Don’t Vote – What Republicans Are Told….Hate…..Fear…..Loathing – ‘Ted Nugent unloads on African- American “thugs” in horribly racist column about Ferguson’

ted nuggent5

ted nugent

Ted Nugent :

“A Ferguson, Missouri, police officer was shot recently while he was
investigating a break-in”.

“Based on crime stats in Ferguson and elsewhere, it would be a safe
bet to assume the two thugs the police are looking for are black
males between the age of 15 and 25”.

“It would also be a safe bet the two thugs being searched for were
raised by a single parent, have criminal records, are high school
dropouts, don’t have jobs and are very likely to be members of a

“The Ferguson thugs aren’t alone. The overwhelming majority of
violent crime across America is conducted by young, black males”.

A plague of black violence has infested our inner cities”.

“Liberalism and their insane cult of denial is the root cause of this
plague of violence”.

“Liberalism is a lie. Liberalism is a scam. Liberalism is a killer.’


voter fraud23
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Turn Kentucky Blue – ‘Alison Lundergan Grimes Deploys Big Dog Bill Clinton in New Knockout Ad’

turn kentucky blue2


Republican Voter Fraud – ‘Republican Candidate for A-G of Arkansas Kicked Off Voter Rolls For Registering in Multiple States’


voter fraud25

See if you’re a Republican and you ‘accidently’ registered to vote in
a couple of plac es, that’s not fraud – it’s the Democrats fault.

‘As of Tuesday, the Republican candidate for Attorney-General in
Arkansas is no longer a registered Arkansas voter’.

‘It turns out that Leslie Rutledge registered to vote in Arkansas, DC
and possibly Virginia’.

‘Of course, Rutledge claims the Democrats did it’. They’re targetting
her! Republicans are being persecuted’!

‘According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Pulaski County Clerk,
Larry Crane learned of Rutledge’s multiple registrations last week’.

‘He decided to remove Gov. Huckabee’s former legal aid, from Arkansas
voting rolls when he confirmed she registered in multiple places
after she registered in Pulaski County in 2008′.

Republican candidate for Attorney-General Leslie Rutledge :

Taking a person’s right to vote away from them, as Democrat Larry
Crane has done, is reprehensible and a desperate attempt to help the
campaign of a Democratic candidate who lacks the experience and good
judgment to protect the citizens of our great state. Who will Mr.
Crane target next? Will Mr. Crane and his Democratic cronies now
manipulate the voter file to remove more qualified Republican voters
from the role”?
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