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Debunking The Iowa Republican Liar – ‘Joni Ernst Flat-Out Lied About Supporting Personhood Amendment’

joni ernst

‘The thing you need to know about Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst is that she is one hundred percent owned and operated by the Kochs’.

‘They promoted her, they are financing her campaign, and she is grateful to them to the point where she knows she wouldn’t be where she is without them’.

‘And that means she lies’.

‘A lot’.

‘Sunday night’s debate was no exception. When the question of the personhood amendment resolution she sponsored in 2013 came up, she lied some more’.

This is what she co-sponsored’:

“The ad claims that the amendment would “outlaw abortion even in cases of rape or incest.” There is no provision in the amendment that would allow for those exceptions”.

“Ernst was one of 21 lawmakers who sponsored the resolution, which was never brought to the floor for a vote”.

“The ad claims that the amendment “would have banned many common forms of birth control.”

“The amendment would indeed effectively ban any hormonal forms of birth control”.

‘But in her debate with Bruce Braley Sunday, she sang a bit of a different tune’.

“The amendment that’s being referenced by the Congressman would not do any of the things that you stated it would do. That amendment is simply a statement that I support life”.


‘FACT CHECK: Braley hits Ernst on abortion’


This ad centers on the personhood amendment introduced in 2013. Ernst never specifically advocated some of the potential effects of a personhood amendment, such as outlawing abortions in cases of incest and rape or banning some forms of contraception. But Ernst supported the amendment and, therefore, everything that comes with it. We rate this ad true’.(1)


‘Sure she does’. Braley enumerated all of the things that the amendment, if adopted, would have done’:

“That it would ban forms of contraception”.

“It would prevent people from getting in vitro fertilization and you personally said that doctors who perform those procedures under your bill should be prosecuted”.
From :


(1) : From :

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2 thoughts on “Debunking The Iowa Republican Liar – ‘Joni Ernst Flat-Out Lied About Supporting Personhood Amendment’

  1. OH I so hope she loses.

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