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A Republican World – ‘Members Of The Laziest Most Do Nothing Congress Make $608 For Each Hour They Are In DC’


benghazi 2

‘Congress will be in session for only eight days during a 102-day span between Aug. 1 and Nov. 12, when lawmakers are set to return for a lame-duck session after the elections’.

‘Because the annual salary for members of the House is $174,000, their hourly wage for those eight days amounts to $608 per hour, presuming 10-hour workdays’.

‘The House left for a five-week vacation from Washington on Aug. 1 and didn’t return until Sept. 8. After two four-day workweeks, it left again Thursday and is not due to return until Nov. 12′.
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SCANDAL TIME!!!!! – ‘Republicans Recycle Another Obama Scandal: Salute-Gate 2014’


‘Last year Republicans were all bent out of shape because President Obama forgot to salute a Marine while boarding Marine One. The right went absolutely crazy over Salute-gate and now they are doing it again’.


‘On Tuesday President Obama was departing Marine One and saluted the Marine at the bottom of the stairs with a cup of coffee in his hand’.

‘What rabid right doesn’t realize, because they’re stupid, is that the president is under no obligation to salute in the first place’.


‘Ronald Reagan started it while he was president. He then encouraged the first Bush to carry on his tradition. That’s how the “saluting tradition” began’.

‘For almost two hundred years the president did not salute the military’.

‘Republicans will ignore that though. They need something to be angry about and this is what they’re mad about now’.

‘They are so busy being angry about literally everything the president shuts does, they don’t even realize they are recycling scandals’.
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This Week’s “It’s Obama’s Fault” Story – ‘Leading Conservative Magazine Blames NFL Scandals On Obama’

obama's fault1


‘Jim Geraghty, a contributor at the National Review, has found a way to blame the NFL scandal on President Obama’.

‘In an article for the National Review Online on Monday, Geragthy explained how a series of recent private sector scandals, from domestic abuse in the NFL, to General Motors having to recall cars, to a chemical spill in Virginia, are really a reflection of a nationwide leadership deficit imposed by Obama’.

“Does our president just reflect a broad cultural trend in the behavior of leaders, or does he set the tone from the top?” he asks in his lead’.

‘Gerragthy goes on to list every single Obama era scandal (manufactured or not), to expose how the President is personally responsible for the lackluster leadership of CEOs and sports commissioners across the country’.

“The message has been sent, far and wide,” he concludes, “Accountability is for suckers.”
–’A poll in 2013 showed that more Louisiana Republicans blamed Obama for the failed Hurricane Katrina response then they did Bush. Obama had been a Senator for 8 months when Katrina happened’.

– ‘Congress Republicans have blamed Obama for Putin’s takeover of Crimea, and even the shooting of flight MH17 by Russian separatists’.

–’NRA President David Keene blamed Obama for hundreds of death threats he received in the wake of Sandy Hook’.

– ‘More recently the Georgia GOP blamed Obama for the situation in Fergunson’.

– ‘In August, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) blamed his poor primary performance on Obama’.

‘Obama has also been personally blamed for mass shootings on at least two occasions, including the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado’.

– ‘Here Fox News blames Obama for unrest in Mali’.
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A Republican World – The ‘It’s Not Voter Fraud When We Republicans Do It’ Edition – ‘State rep candidate voted in Illinois and Wisconsin’


voter fraud21
Republican Kathy Myalls is urging voters to elect her to a seat in the Illinois State Legislature’.

‘But will she vote for herself’?

‘It’s a fair question, since records show Myalls has voted in both Illinois and Wisconsin in recent years’.

‘In one case, she cast a vote in a primary election in Illinois’.

‘Then just three months later, records show she voted in Wisconsin to cast a ballot in the state’s recall election’.

‘The effort was aimed largely at recalling Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — someone with whom Myalls is pictured on her Facebook page’.

Myalls then voted in Wisconsin’s presidential general election in 2012 before returning to Illinois to vote the following spring’.

‘When asked about her vote in the Walker recall, Myalls said in a phone interview’:

“No. I don’t think I did,” she said. “I don’t think they canceled my registration up in Fontana. And that may be what you’re seeing. They didn’t automatically cancel it.”

  • ‘Illinois voting records show that Myalls has been registered to vote from her Wilmette address from 2005 to the present’.
  • By her own admission, Myalls was registered to vote in a second home located in Fontana, Wisconsin, since 1996′.
  • ‘Records show she voted in separate elections in both states in 2008 and 2012’.

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If You Don’t Vote – The Republican War On Women – ‘The Religious Right Is Waging A Full Scale Assault On ALL Birth Control Thanks To Hobby Lobby’

war on women10

war on women12

‘This is exactly what the Court said wouldn’t happen but here we are anyway’.


‘Because these anti-women fanatics really believe they have the right to impose their religious belief on their employees’.

If they think contraceptives are wrong, then their female employees can’t have them’.


“The alleged rights of the employer would trump the rights of the employee”.

“…according to a court document filed earlier this month by a leading religious conservative litigation shop, even this degree of accommodation is insufficient to satisfy the most vehement objectors to birth control. Indeed, if the courts ultimately accept the arguments presented by this court filing, that would leave the administration largely powerless to ensure that workers whose employers object to birth control still receive contraceptive coverage”.

How are they doing this? First, these “religious” organizations whined that mean ol’ Obama was “forcing” them to provide birth control that caused abortions (even though they didn’t) and demanded exemptions’.

‘Then these “religious” organizations whined about being “forced” to ask for an exemption and let the administration know who their insurance provider was’.

‘The idea was that the administration could then ask the insurance provider to bypass the organization and offer contraceptive cover directly (just like the Supreme Court said)’.

But filling out a form was a “burden” to their religious freedom so they refused (no, seriously. They actually made that claim) and Obama let them skip the form and just say who their insurance provider was because the important part was to allow women access to birth control if they wanted it’.

Now these “religious” organizations are whining that they shouldn’t have to tell the administration who their insurance provider is at all because those sluts that work for them might use birth control’.
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If You Don’t Vote – Turn Texas Blue – ‘GOP strategist gets scolded on Texas TV for calling rape, incest victims ‘minor issues’

war on women24

turn texas blue2

Women, in Texas, if you’re raped, Republicans think it’s ‘minor in terms of percentages’.

‘During a debate on Lone Star Politics, which is produced by The Dallas Morning News and KXAS, Democratic strategist Matt Angle reminded viewers that Republican candidate Greg Abbott even opposed abortion in cases of rape and incest’.

“He would impose himself and others like himself in the government to decide,” Angle said’

GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak shot back that a ban on abortion was “the law of the land” because Davis had not been successful with her attempt to filibuster it’.

“Texas is a pro-life state. We can get into minor issues that are one percent or two percent the problem,” he explained. “But ultimately, Texas is a strong pro-life state. Abbott would love to fight this campaign on that issue alone from here on out but Wendy knows that’s not strategically wise.”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard rape or incest called a ‘minor issue,’” Angle interrupted’.


“It’s minor in terms of the percentage of cases. That’s all I’m saying,” Mackowiak replied’.
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