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WHAT THE F&^% FRIDAY – A Republican World Of Religious Rights – ‘Missouri lawmaker suing to deny daughters birth control access’



This is what we will have 2 years of when – not IF – the
Republicans gain control of the Senate……

‘One of the judges pointed out that parents might have more
control over their kids than employers, and that parents could
just say to their kids, “We expect you do abide by our
religious tenets.”

‘Belz replied, “Well, we all have high hopes for our kids, that
is true. We all expect and want them to obey us, they don’t
always …”

‘In other words, the Wielands are asking the federal government
to enforce their parental guidelines on their daughters’.


You’d and you’d be in the majority, if you thought that women
having access to birth control was a good idea.

Not if you’re a Republican.

You see – after cutting safety net programs AND doing all they
can to limit access for women to birth control – now a
Republican is suing the Obama Administration because he has 3
daughters and the ACA covers birth control – and he doesn’t
want his daughters to have access to birth control……

WHAT THE F&^%……..

‘State Rep. Paul Joseph Wieland and his wife Teresa are suing
the Obama administration over its minimum coverage requirements
for health plans under the Affordable Care Act, which includes

‘They say the government is forcing them to violate their
religious beliefs because they have three daughters, ages 13,
18 and 19, who are on their parents’ plan and might get birth
control at no additional cost’.

‘Timothy Belz, an attorney from the conservative Thomas More
Society, who represents the Wielands, told a panel of three
federal judges on the appeals court in St. Louis on Monday :

“As though the federal government had passed an edict that said
that parents must provide a stocked unlocked liquor cabinet in
their house whenever they’re away for their minor and adult
daughters to use, and Mormons came in and objected to that. It
is exactly the same situation.”

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One thought on “WHAT THE F&^% FRIDAY – A Republican World Of Religious Rights – ‘Missouri lawmaker suing to deny daughters birth control access’

  1. What is it with the GOP and vaginas? I am so sick of them sticking their politics in where it don’t belong. And now they are pretending to want us to have easy access by having it sold OTC. As a fake medical expert, this makes me scream. There are two types of drug — RX and OTC. RXs are ones that need to be taken under medical supervision — because there are dose and side effect questions that must be tailored to individual needs.

    God these folks are horses asses. Every last one of them. Neeeeiiiiiiiighhhhhhh.

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