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What Republicans Are Told – ‘Right Wing Rant: 30-Year-Old Minimum Wage Workers Have ‘Failed at Life’



‘Conservative pundit Erick Erickson guest hosted the Rush
Limbaugh show this week and it’s safe to say the hateful
hyperbole that Rush brings daily did not skip a beat in his

‘With proponents of a minimum wage increase arguing that the
average minimum wage employee in America is no longer a
pimply-faced high schooler or college student, Erickson
explained that the minimum wage doesn’t need to be raised
because those people “failed at life.”


“The minimum wage is mostly for people who failed at life and
high school kids,” Erickson said. “Seriously, look, I don’t
mean to be ugly with you people… If you’re a 30-something-
year-old person and you’re making minimum wage, you probably
failed at life.”


‘That’s a possibility’.

minimum wage7

‘Another possibility is perhaps all the jobs in your area have
been shipped to China and India’.


‘Another possibility is that one president destroyed an entire
economy back in 2007-08 and the next president hasn’t done a
whole lot (and has been obstructed by Republicans) to bring
back those jobs’.


‘In fact, as Vox points out, more unemployed people have
stopped looking for work than have found a job in 49 of the
last 50 months. Recovery, indeed’.

food stamps3povetrty

‘But no, let’s ignore all of the facts and just assume those
people “failed at life.”

‘Erickson dismisses this idea entirely, saying, “It is not that
life dealt you a bad hand. Life does not deal you cards. It’s
that you failed at life.”
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One thought on “What Republicans Are Told – ‘Right Wing Rant: 30-Year-Old Minimum Wage Workers Have ‘Failed at Life’

  1. These rEPuBLiTARD/repubicans totally suck and they need to be voted out of the congress and senate.

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