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‘WAL-MART Introduces New Dress Code, Employees Must Buy Own Clothes’




‘The world’s largest retailer has unveiled a new dress code for
its massive workforce, Business Insider reports. Starting Sept.
29, associates must wear navy blue or white collared shirts
paired with khaki or black pants, capris or skirts’.

Employees will also be required to wear a Walmart-branded
vest, which the company will provide’.

‘However, Walmart says its employees will have to purchase the rest of their work uniform 

at their own expense’.


‘The company even set up a website for employees to buy their
new required work clothes at Walmart’.

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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun…..” – ‘Responsible’ Gun Owner Gets Mad And Shoots A Man In The Face, Killing Him’

guns in us

See all we need is for more people to be armed…….

‘The right loves to scream that the left wants to take their
guns away’.

‘It never crosses their mind that perhaps some of them are so
batshit crazy that they shouldn’t own any gun that doesn’t
squirt water’.

‘Take 69-year-old Martin Zale, he thought it perfectly
acceptable to shoot another man in the face last week’.

‘On Tuesday, witnesses say Zale was driving recklessly in
Howell, Michigan’.

‘He tailgated and then cut off 43-year-old Derek Flemming while
Flemming was on his way to pick up his kids from school with
his wife’.

‘When Zale and Flemming reached a stoplight, Flemming exited
his vehicle and asked Zale,”What’s your problem?” In response
Zale rolled down his window and shot Flemming in the face’.

Witnesses say there was no verbal threats exchanged before the

‘Police arrived and took Zale into custody. On Thursday
prosecutors charged him with open murder, two counts of felony
firearms and discharging a weapon through a vehicle’.

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‘Republican ‘christian’ Values – What Republicans Read – ‘The Terrible Theology Phil Robertson Would Use To Combat ISIS’

phil robertson


“I think you either have to convert them … or kill them. One or
the other,” Robertson said’.

‘Phil Robertson, the controversial star of the reality TV show
Duck Dynasty, appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night’.

‘Hannity immediately asked the duck call mogul how the United
States should respond to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
(ISIS), the radical Muslim group currently terrorizing Syria
and Iraq and beheading western journalists’.

I think you either have to convert them … or kill them. One or
the other,” Robertson said’.
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Republicans 2016 – ‘Fitch downgrades N.J. debt, saying Christie is repudiating his pension reform’

chris christie3

food stamps3

Yeah all those great Republican economic policies…….

TRENTON — ‘Wall Street analysts at Fitch Ratings today
downgraded New Jersey’s bond rating for the second time this
year, citing the state’s poor economic performance, Gov. Chris
Christie’s rosy revenue forecasts — which failed to materialize
— and his decision to plug the resulting budget gap by cutting
$2.4 billion in funding for the state’s strained pension
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What Republicans Hear – ‘Greta Van Susteren: White House Pressured Me to Get FOX Reporter to Drop Benghazi Investigation ‘



‘WASHINGTON — ‘Congress’ multiple investigations of the deadly 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, have cost the Pentagon millions of dollars and thousands of hours of personnel time, according to the department’.
‘Its response to repetitive requests for information from about 50 congressional hearings, briefings and interviews’.(1)

‘Greta Van Susteren admitted Friday “Off the Record” that she was called by the Obama White House and told to push FOX reporter Jennifer Griffin to drop her Benghazi investigation’.

“Since day one of Benghazi FOX News has been aggressively investigating. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been more like pulling teeth to get answers from the Obama administration. The Obama administration’s behavior post Benghazi has been weird. Like they’re trying to hide something”.
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