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No they can't fly..........

No they can’t fly……….

The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

“Then maybe you should let it go….”

Bully Cat and the Box

Booba’s New Shoes

!!NSFW!! But funny as all get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He said lock the door

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Music – Paul Simon: Call me Al, concert zimbabwe / South Africa



There really in the World, very few people that are true artists in their craft.

Paul Simon is one.

Solo or with Art Garfunkle – their craft is music……..


The Day in a Picture

war on women20

The Day in a Quote


Republicans 2016 – ‘Sen. Ted Cruz To Join Anti-Gay Activists In Honoring His Father’

ted cruz

Aside from Ted Crus’s mouth, his biggest problem is his Dad.

Both need to shut up but if Cruz, well if Rand Paul wants to look sane, he, Paul needs Cruz to be ‘in the race’ so that Paul looks sane.

Things like this might rally the increasingly diminishing ‘base’ but are also turning off the moderates which Republicans will need if they hope to hold the House and Senate in 2016.

ted and raffell cruz

‘Next month, Rick Scarborough’s Vision America will host its annual “Heroes of Faith Gala” where the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins will receive the 2014 “National Hero of Faith Award” and Rafael Cruz, a Religious Right activist and father of Sen. Ted Cruz, will be honored with the “Don Wildmon Award,” named for the founder of the American Family Association’.

‘Today, Vision America sent out an email urging activists to register for the event, revealing that the senator is also going to be in attendance, picking up the Don Wildmon Award on behalf of his father and delivering remarks’:

cruz insert

‘As we have noted before, Ted Cruz has great admiration for Scarborough despite Scarborough’s long history of rabidly anti-gay bigotry’.

‘Just last month, Scarborough said that God would be entirely justified for destroying America with a nuclear bomb because of the nation’s tolerance and embrace of gay rights’:

From :

ROTFLMAO FRIDAY!! – ‘Religious Right Wack-A-Doodles – ‘Joyner: A Global Pandemic Is Coming, So Stock Up On Water Filters That Will Make You Immune To Cancer’


All these years and billions of dollars wasted to fight cnacer when all we needed was a water filter…….

‘On today’s “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” broadcast, Rick Joyner warned his viewers that the rise of some sort of global pandemic (maybe Ebola or possibly bird flu) in the near future was inevitable and so they should be stockpiling food, water, and supplies so that, when it comes, they will not have to stand in line waiting for assistance’.

‘In particular, Joyner recommended that people stock up on water filters’

‘Which they can buy through his website, of course…..’

‘Especially ones that can help users reduce the pH level in their bodies, which he says will make them immune to cancer’.


“You know what that means?” he asked. “When your pH level get down to a certain level, cancer won’t grow. You don’t even have to worry about it. Yep, that is true”.
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