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‘Save the Rich’!

save the rich1

save the rich

Save the Rich (Official Video) by Garfunkel and Oates

LOL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Republicans 2016 – ‘Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Chris Christie On His Turf’


‘Clinton, President Barack Obama’s former secretary of state, leads the second-term governor 50 percent to 42 percent in the poll’.

‘The poll exposes a huge gender gap with Clinton ahead among women 54 percent to 38 percent’.

‘The poll also finds Clinton, a New York resident, with a higher favorability rating — 60 percent to 38 percent — than Christie. New Jersey voters were split 47-47 on the governor’.

‘The poll shows Clinton with double-digit leads in New Jersey over other possible Republican presidential candidates’:

54-34 over former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’;

’55-35 over Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)’;

‘And 57-34 over former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’.
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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘Dems blast Paul over birth control comment’

rand paul on abortion rand paul18

Rand is having a bad week keeping what he says and what he did straight.

‘Tea Party Senator Rand Paul Seeks To Ban Abortion Completely With New Fetal Personhood Bill'(1)

‘Rand Paul claims to not know anything about the abortion legislation he’s co-sponsoring'(2)

‘Senator Rand Paul Attempts To Add Irrelevant Personhood Measure To National Flood Insurance Bill'(3)

‘Democrats are calling Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) a hypocrite, after he reportedly told an Iowa audience that “almost nobody in here wants to ban birth control.”

‘The Democratic National Committee (DNC) pounced on the comment to note that Paul has sought to give legal rights to fertilized human eggs, a move that would likely ban certain forms of contraception’.

“Rand Paul has repeatedly tried to restrict women’s access to healthcare and sponsored legislation that could ban some of the most commonly used forms of birth control,” said DNC spokeswoman Rebecca Chalif in a statement’.

“Rand Paul’s comments this morning are not only disingenuous, there are patently false. Female voters in Iowa, and across the country know where he stands — and it’s not on the side of women.”
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Debunking The Republican Liars – Washington State – 5th District – ‘Cathy McMorris Rodgers Denies That Steve King — Who Wrote GOP Immigration Policy — Represents Republicans On Immigration’

mcmorris rodgers7

‘In an interview with Reason posted yesterday, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, explicitly denied that Rep. Steve King is running the GOP’s policy on immigration and took issue with the party’s Nativist image’.

“He does not — his position does not reflect the broad view of Republicans,” she said of King’.

  • ‘That’s interesting, since just last week the House GOP passed (and McMorris Rodgers voted yes) a draconian immigration bill crafted by none other than Steve King’.

‘King even called one of the bill’s key provisions “a mirror of what I’ve done the last two years here in this Congress.”

‘While Reason notes that the McMorris Rodgers interview was conducted in July, back in June House Republicans passed an amendment authored by King to gut the DACA program (which McMorris voted YES on) giving temporary relief to Dreamers’.

‘McMorris Rodgers also struggled to respond to a question about gay rights, saying that she was open to civil unions (Washington State was one of the first States to pass Marriage Equality)  for same-sex couples and insisting that marriage recognition should be an issue left to the states’.

McMorris Rodgers was once a cosponsor of the Marriage Protection Amendment, which would have banned same-sex marriage nationwide, but is not a cosponsor of the current version of the Federal Marriage Amendment’.

‘Jeremy Hoper writes that “she sounds like most Democrats circa 2004—and we know how that played out.”
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Impeachment! – ‘Mike Huckabee: Obama ‘Worthy Of Impeachment’



‘Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Monday said that he believes President Obama has committed many impeachable offenses’.

‘Iowa radio host Steve Deace asked Huckabee if Obama has done anything “worthy of being impeached,” according to a recording on Right Wing Watch’.

“Absolutely,” Huckabee responded. “There’s no doubt that he has done plenty of things worthy of impeachment.”

“But I think it’s an important argument to make, that there are a number of things that this president has done in the overuse of an executive power, his complete ignoring of the law, even his own law,” Huckabee added’.
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WHAT THE F&^% Thursday – A Republican Christian Nation – ‘Pat Robertson: Obama Was ‘Trained In Indonesia With The Muslim Point Of View’

pat robertson1

Isn’t it great that the 700 Club is tax exempt?

‘On “The 700 Club” today, Pat Robertson called “Mohammad and his followers” the Antichrist and claimed that President Obama sympathizes with Islam and was “trained in Indonesia with the Muslim point of view.”



Robertson has previously speculated that Obama is a “crypto-Muslim” who’s “linked up with the [Muslim] Brotherhood,” and called Islam “demonic” and “the Antichrist.”

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