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Debunking Republican Lies – ‘Study: Cutting Unemployment Benefits Didn’t Help Anyone’


‘Remember when conservatives thought that slashing unemployment benefits would help people find jobs and reduce their dependence on the government’?

‘Not surprisingly, they were dead wrong’.

‘A recent EPI report shows that cutting benefits not only didn’t save states money, but it also didn’t do anything to help reduce unemployment’.

What this really should be called is a re-employment rather than an unemployment bill,” said Republican state senator Bob Rucho, who sponsored the measure. “We’re trying to put North Carolinians back to work.”

‘Republican governor Pat McCrory concurred, claiming that the reductions were the “lone factor … [that] has helped North Carolina lower its unemployment rate drastically” in comparison to other states’.

  • ‘Ranking – 32 NORTH CAROLINA 6.4’

‘But the EPI report finds that the cuts in these states actually “did very little to change their fiscal condition.”

‘They did hurt those still looking for work, however. Unemployed workers lost an average of $252 per week, while states only saved 37 cents per covered worker’.

‘The shortened benefits didn’t improve unemployment in these states, either. The study found “no visible improvement” in the employment of workers ages 25 to 54′.

‘It also found that even North Carolina’s particularly severe cuts to unemployment insurance led to no visible job growth’.
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