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A Republican World – ‘Most Republicans Think Jesus Would Denounce Universal Healthcare’

republican jesus1

It does beg the question – are Republicans Christians or just church christians.

You know….those who go to church so everyone can see therm going to church.


‘Do you recall the part in the Bible where Jesus healed the leper, the blind, and raised Lazarus from the dead? I do. Apparently, Republicans remember those three respective biblical stories a little differently’.

‘According to a new YouGov poll, Republican Jesus did indeed heal the leper, the blind, and a dead man, but only after he asked each for a co-pay’.

80% of Democrats and 52% of independents said Jesus would support universal healthcare’.

‘Indeed it’s hard to imagine Jesus would deny care to those who lack the financial means to enjoy the comfort of our for-profit capitalist healthcare industry’.

‘But that’s not the Jesus Republicans know’.

‘Only 23 percent of Republicans believe Jesus would support healthcare for all’.
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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘The Republican Myth of Obama’s ‘Part-Time America’ Gets Destroyed With One Graph’



‘Derek Thompson slayed the Republican talking point about Obama’s “Part-Time America” today in The Atlantic in an article entitled, “Here’s What Obama’s ‘Part-Time America’ Really Looks Like.”

‘He opened with a bang, “The president’s critics love this talking point. But since 2010, full-time jobs are up 7.6 million, and part-time jobs have declined by more than 900,000.”

‘In September of 2013, we debunked the fevered hopes of a flailing party after House Majority Leader-elect (then Whip) Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) tweeted, “90% of the jobs created have been part-time. Obamacare creates a part-time economy, part-time opportunity, and a part-time America.” Not true’.

Just a month prior, PolitiFact had taken on this hazy right wing fantasy when they rated as true a claim by Alan Krueger, the chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, that most jobs created since passage of the health care law have been full-time positions’.

“(S)ince the Affordable Care Act passed, 90 percent of job growth has been in full-time positions.” The statistics show that 87 percent of the increase in jobs between March 2010 and July 2013 consisted of full-time jobs. A shorter time frame would show the opposite pattern, but on the numbers, Krueger is right. We rate the claim True”.
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Meanwhile….back at ‘The Ranch’……- ‘Judge Issues Contempt-Of-Court Warrant For Cliven Bundy’s Son’

cliven bundy3

cliven bundy4

So Dad is a $1 million dollar dead beat and now the son….

Yep. Real ‘patriots’.

clivewn bundy

‘A Nevada court has put a warrant out for rancher Cliven Bundy’s son Lance after he failed to appear at a court hearing, the Associated Press reported Monday’.

‘The hearing and resulting warrant follow from Lance Bundy’s 2012 felony conviction on burglary and weapons charges, according to the AP’.
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‘Parts of Yellowstone National Park closed after massive super volcano beneath it melts roads’

yellowstone super1

yellowstone super

One of the best action scenes in a movie is when John Cusack is driving away from the Yellowstone Super Volcano.

‘Tourists at Yellowstone National Park are being barred from areas of the park because the massive underground super volcano beneath it is melting the asphalt roads’.

“It basically turned the asphalt into soup. It turned the gravel road into oatmeal,” Yellowstone spokesman Dan Hottle said. In particular, Hottle said that the road between the park’s most popular attraction, Old Faithful, and Madison Junction has been dangerously compromised’.

‘Park officials also asked tourists not to hike into the affected areas, as the danger of stepping through what appears to be solid soil into boiling-hot water was “high.”

‘The last time the super volcano beneath Yellowstone actually erupted was 640,000 years ago, U.S. Geological Survey records show’.

‘Late last year, geologists discovered that the super volcano was more than twice as large as previously thought’.

“We found it to be about two-and-a-half times larger than we thought,” the University of Utah’s James Farrell told National Geographic. “That’s not to say it’s getting any bigger,” he added, “just that our ability to see it is getting better.”
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“All it takes is one good guy….with 31 guns….” – ‘Robbers Tie Up Good Guy Gun Owner, Steal Entire Arsenal Of 31 Guns + Ammo’

gun nuts2

gun nuts3

31 frickin guns.

And he STILL didn’t stop the 3 robbers.

31 frickin guns……..

Guess he needed 32.

THAT would have ‘protected’ his home.

‘On July 2, 2014, three bad guys with guns broke into the home of a Pennsylvania man, also the owner of what most people would consider to be an absurdly massive number of guns. Did the good guy with guns stop the bad guys with guns? Of course not’.

‘The bad guys kicked in the door of the unidentified man’s home, then pointed their guns at him.’ Then they tied him up, ransacked the house and helped themselves to 31 guns from his large stockpile of weapons’.

‘The criminals made off with an AK-47, multiple handguns, assorted rifles, a gaggle of shotguns, plus several other semi-automatic weapons and a stockpile of ammunition to go along with them’.

‘Wait, all those guns in the home and he couldn’t stop the bad guys? Correct. Not only were the bad guys not deterred by the presence of all those weapons, authorities say that the robbers most likely targeted the ‘good guy gun owner’ because of those weapons’.
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MSNBC’s Republican Loving Morning Joe and Chuck Todd Are Losing To The Weather Channel’


I’m not one of the ‘younger viewers’ but I admit I’ve switched off Morning Joe and The Daily Rundown when they just trash Democrats by repeating the very oft debunked Republican lies.

At that point, they are no longer a ‘news’ show not are they actually ‘informing’ me.

They are simply repeating lies.

And who can forget the months and months of fawning over Chris ‘I Didn’t Know’ Christie.

The guy who vetoed increasing the minimum wage, because of budget deficits, had NJ’s credit rating down graded, the guy who refused to meet with the parents of Sandy Hook.

It is such a simple business model that no doubt the ‘beltway’ network can’t even see it,

FOX gives it’s viewers a target to hate.

Yes it’s based on false assumptions and more – just lies but when FOX runs out ‘expert’ after ‘expert’ to give their viewers ‘credible’ reasons to hate, the business model works.

Now all MSNBC had to do was counter that.

Instead you turned over the morning to Joe ‘When I was In Congress’ Scarborough and Chuck ‘It’s Not Our Job To Report Facts’ Todd.

MSNBC you’re trying to be ‘fair and balanced’.

That’s a joke to working class Americans.

Pick being Liberal. Pick being Conservative.

But pick one and stand by it.


Oh and Mika, rather then just sit there looking like you’ve eaten a lemon when Joe goes off on another rant, why don’t you speak.

You can speak can’t you?

Like ask Joe, after 4 1/2 years of repealing, defunding and delaying Obamacare, the Republicans want to ‘start over’ on health care.

So not one single Republican had thought of even one single idea in the last 4 1/2 years?

Or how about all the Obama bashing over Veterans when the Republicans in the Senate filibustered 3 different pieces of  Veterans legislation.

How about the Republicans in the Senate filibustering expanding back ground checks on gun sales.

Or maybe Republicans in the Senate filibustering jobs legislation.

Republicans in the House cutting food stamps.

Republicans in the House voting against VAWA (Violence Against Womens Act).

Republicans in the House voting against Sandy Relief.

Republicans in the House voting to shut down the Government.


‘Things got so bad for MSNBC’s conservative-leaning shows Morning Joe and The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd that they lost with younger viewers to The Weather Channel last month’.

‘Let’s toss out the bad ratings for MSNBC on July 4th, because regular hosts are on vacation and it is significant weather day as most people are outdoors for cookouts and fireworks’.

‘It is telling that two hours of Morning Joe and one hour of Chuck Todd’s The Daily Rundown were beaten by the weather in the month of June’.

‘It wasn’t the middle of hurricane season so extreme weather events were not dominating the news’.

‘The other essential point is that MSNBC didn’t lose to The Weather Channel with older viewers’.

‘They lost with people age 25-54. This is the demographic that the Lean Forward network is targeting’.
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