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meet Michael Baumgartner, Republican from Spokane

I live in the ‘Valley’ so he’s not mine. Cantwell crushed him when he tried for the US Senate. He’s risen as high as he’ll ever go because of his ‘ideas’ but he’ll be in our Senate for a long, long time.

Be a Seed for Change

Want to know how extreme the Republicans are in our State Senate?

Here are some “ideas” coming from Michael Baumgartner, State Senator from the 6th District in Spokane:

  • The unemployed should be required to perform public service before getting unemployment benefits.
  • Washington should be a right-to-work state. Don’t we want workers to have collective bargaining rights?
  • The State Supreme Court is like dictators Mugabe and Putin. Because they’re serious about funding our schools.

In a little over three years, Michael Baumgartner has defined himself as one of the most outspoken voices against Democratic values in our State Senate.

Rich Cowan is challenging Michael Baumgartner and will fight for Democratic values in the State Senate. Will you sign our petition and show your support for Rich Cowan?

We’re in Spokane for our State Convention, and everybody is talking about Rich Cowan.

Rich is a native Spokane film and television producer who challenged…

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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

I Love You Penny

Puss – N – Boots

Crab steals beer bottle

















The Day in a Picture #2


The Day in a Picture #1


The Day in a Quote #2


So who is right?

Ronald Reagan?

Sarah Palin?

Who ever is right…..means the other is wrong.

You can’t have it both ways.

Silly me. Republicans think they can.



The Day in a Quote #1


‘Memory Lane: Religion and Politics (Just for fun)’


In the Comments section at The Democratic Underground where I found this, a commenter said ” Hilarious! Sounds so much like “They’re coming to take me away ha-ha” to which I agree……

Debunking The Republican Liars – ‘Democratic Congressman Totally Exposes GOP’s Racism Regarding Border Crisis’

rep lies


BOB SCHIEFFER: “You just heard Rick Perry, some really strong words about the President. He said basically he’s just not interested in solving this problem on the border”.

REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ: “Well, Governor Perry’s just wrong on that issue. Let’s first go, he kept repeating “the border, the border, the border,” and he wants to put more National Guardsmen in and if he put more National Guardsman in, the children wouldn’t come. The children come, Bob, fleeing violence and torture, murder and rape”.

“And so, they’re going to continue to come as long as those conditions exist and we don’t fix our broken immigration system. Let’s just put in context what the governor just said”.

“So during George Bush’s Presidency, 1,600,000 people apprehended crossing the border between Mexico and the United States”.

“Today it’s under 400,000”.

“But George Bush, average of about 200,000 people deported a year, average over his eight years”.

“Over six years of President Barack Obama, 400,000. Over two million deported under already. So (unintelligible) border and border, in terms of deportation, there has been enforcement”.

GUTIERREZ: “So you can keep throwing money and talk about enforcement, enforcement, enforcement, but you’ve got to put money also into your judicial system, and you’ve got to put money in a comprehensive program that deals with the issue”.

“I want to make one last point to the Governor, look, these are children”.

“I’m happy he didn’t demonize the children, but there is a demonization that goes on”.

“And all I say to the Governor is I wish you understood and accepted the law of the land, Governor”.

“And the law of the land in 2008, we adopted in the Congress of the United States an anti-trafficking law”.

“But wait, it wasn’t only in 2008 that we said protect the children, we said protect the children in 2002 when we created the Department of Homeland Security. (unintelligible) signed by President Bush said, “We must treat children who arrive at our shores differently.”

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Monday Sucks by Mickey Mouse Club


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