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“Lucy Official International Trailer #1 (2014) – Scarlett Johansson Movie HD”

It has Morgn Freeman in it.
Name one, just 1 movie that Morgan Freeman was in that wasn’t good.

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Nothing says seventh grade like . . .

Whatever Works

From friend Ed this morning. Khpbmezsb0zfi4ks4bhwHow about these?

Jackie Battley’s ex-husband, and Marianne Ginther’s former lover and ex-husband, Callista Bisek’s former lover and current husband for President! Go Newt!

Regina Peruggi’s ex-husband, and Donna Hanover’s former lover and ex-husband, Judith Nathan’s former lover and current husband for President! Go 9/11 Rudy!

Wheee, this is fun!

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Marsha Blackburn’s wonderful idea

Bell Book Candle

Marsha Blackburn is a GOP House member from Tennessee and a Michele Bachmann clone who aspires to higher office. Her wonderful idea is to use foreign aid money taken from Central American countries to speed the deportation of the children now arriving in the US from Central America. That will only make the situation worse. We should be increasing aid to Central America to slow the flow of children to our southern border.

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