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No Longer Extremeism – A Republican World – ‘Stockman files motion ordering the arrest of Lois Lerner’

steve stockman

This is going to be the next 2 years.

Silence is acceptance.

THEY are going to vote.

obamacare lies4

If YOU don’t, then YOU accept that Obamacare should be repealed and who knows how many years before the Republicans will come up with a ‘plan’. And who knows what it won’t cover. The US will continue to be the ONLY industrialized Nation NOT TO HAVE Universal health care.


Over the next two years, Congress will continue to cut food stamps, pass legislation to drug test everyone on welfare. Congress will keep cutting back on unemployment benefits. And Congress will continue to give larger and larger tax cuts and subsidies to the large corporations and wealthy.

Immigration ‘reform’ will be to ignore the law passed in 2008 and just deport children who are running from drug violence, rape and murder.

The Supreme Court will continue to grant wider religious freedoms to corporations.

war on women16


Women – you will lose the right of choice. Oh you can still vote – but history has shown you won’t in 2014 – so you will continue to lose for the next 2 years to have control of your body, your wages, your right to vote, your right to have even a say in your home.

This is YOUR COUNTRY – NOT theirs.


Take it back and vote.


WASHINGTON — ‘Congressman Steve Stockman Thursday filed a resolution directing the House Sergeant-At-Arms to arrest former IRS Director of the Exempt Organizations Unit Lois Lerner on charges of contempt of Congress’.
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3 thoughts on “No Longer Extremeism – A Republican World – ‘Stockman files motion ordering the arrest of Lois Lerner’

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    Reblogged this on Omaha News & World Report.

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    …. and these are people who were elected to represent them! Have they been doing their job? I don’t think so .. Idiots!!

  3. Stockman’s bumpersticker — is there a better way to identify yourself as someone who doesn’t have a clue about life?

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