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Debunking The Republican Lies – An Open Letter To Republicans


Americans want a Government that functions.

Right now, Republicans seem to be doing everything they can to make it stop functioning.


Why are Republicans hurting America?

benghazi 2

After watching FOX news for 1 hour, just 1 hour today, I’ve discovered that President Obama ( and it was hinted that he might not even be a ‘real’ citizen) and the Democrats are to blame for everything.

In fact, it has gotten so bad that Speaker of the House Republican John Boehner will be suing the President for issuing Executive Orders thus abusing his powers.

Interestingly enough, Speaker Boehner gave no specifics as to what powers the President was abusing……just that he was abusing them.

But Speaker Boehner was specific earlier in the day when he told the press that there would be no vote in the House on immigration reform this year.

And that’s when the President said he would act through Executive Order to begin to reform immigration.

Americans want immigration reform.

‘Support for increasing immigration is up, yet more would still curb it'(1)

‘The general public overwhelmingly favors immigration reform’ (2)

‘New Poll Shows Tea Party Voters Want Immigration Reform In 2014’ (3)

Yet the Speaker Of THe House….you know where the ‘people’s work is done, well suppose to be done….won’t bring immigration reform to a vote.

So immigration reform isn’t President Obama’s or the Democrats fault is it.

obamacare lies5

Health Care

We are the ‘greatest Nation on Earth’ aren’t we?

‘U.S. Last in Health Care Among 7 Industrialized Countries’ (4)

“Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom all beat out the United States when it came to health care quality, efficiency, access, equity and the ability for citizens to lead long, healthy lives”.

“United States stands out for not getting good value for its health care dollars, ranking last despite spending $7,290 per capita on health care in 2007 compared with the $3,837 spent per capita in the Netherlands, which ranked first overall”.

So we’re not any where near the greatest in health care.

Health care.

Something so basic, so fundamental to a stable society and the United States can’t provide it.


‘House Republicans Vote to Repeal Obamacare for 50th Time’ (5)

And in all, I repeat ALL of those 50 votes, not a single Republican had even one single amendment to change, modify or improve Obamacare.


Just repeal.



Over 230 House Republican can’t even come up with even 1 single piece of legislation to offer health care to those who can’t afford it.

So health care isn’t Obama’s fault.

gun nuts3

Gun Control

‘If Obama Is Actually Coming For Your Guns, He’s Really Terrible At It’ (6)

’90 percent of Americans want expanded background checks on guns. Why isn’t this a political slam dunk’? (7)

‘GOP filibuster kills background checks’ (8)

So gun control.

President Obama isn’t coming for your’s or anyone’s guns and even though 90%, say again 90% of the American people wanted to have back ground checks on everyone buying a gun, Republicans said no.

So gun control isn’t Obama’s fault.



The Economy

‘Senate Republicans Block Jobs Bill for Veterans’ (13)

‘Senate Votes for Obama Jobs Bill, but GOP Filibusters It’ (14)

‘Senate Republicans block Transportation Bill’ (15)

‘Republicans Block Unemployment Benefits, Also Blocked Obama’s Jobs Bill’ (16)

‘GOP Food Stamp Cuts Would Kick 170,000 Vets Out of the Program’ (17)

‘Tom Coburn and Republican Senators Repeatedly Opposed Disaster Relief Funds’ (18)

‘Republicans Vote To Cut Education Funding By Over $1 Billion’ (19)

“Earlier this year, House Republicans voted to cut $3.8 billion from job training programs — a particularly harsh cut given that the House GOP budget would make food and housing assistance for struggling families dependent upon participation in training programs”. (9)

Show me any person – ANY person that runs a business who thinks that cutting spending will grow their business.

We were and still are trying to come out of the second worst recession/depression in our Nation’s history and Republicans cut spending.

The slow recovery isn’t Obama’s fault.




‘Scandal Backfires as Veterans Groups Rip Republicans for Politicizing Problems At the VA’ (10)

‘Expanded veterans benefits bill fails over GOP’s budget-busting objections’ (11)

‘U.S. Senate Republicans block veterans’ health bill on budget worry’ (12)

‘Republicans Finally Admit There’s No Scandal in Benghazi’ (20)

‘CNN Blows Huge Hole In GOP Efforts To Prosecute Benghazi Scandal’ (21)

‘Republicans Continue Trying To Fundraise Off Benghazi’ (22)

‘Sikora: There is no ‘IRS scandal'(23)

‘A Year Later, Still No Scandal at the IRS, But Plenty of Wasted Time and Effort (and Money)’ (24)

There simply are no scandals.

Veterans health care isn’t a scandal it’s a crime and when Republicans cut funding for it – they should be called out for it.

We use to as a Nation, stand together when a US citizen was killed overseas.

We stood behind President G.W. Bush when Americans died is service to out COuntry.

But Republicans see it as a political scandal.

4 dead Americans isn’t a scandal it’s a tragedy.

The scandal at the IRS is that political groups shouldn’t be given tax exempt status.

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3 thoughts on “Debunking The Republican Lies – An Open Letter To Republicans

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said here! And I like that you used stats and news articles to back up what you said. The conclusion you’ve drawn- that Republicans are holding America back from progress- is irrefutable.

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