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UPDATE Stories From The Republican Fringe Freaks – ‘Private attorney general’ tells Bundy ranch gathering that most laws don’t apply to them’

The 'Private Attorney  General' of the Citizens Action Network  or as some of call them - fruitcakes.

The ‘Private Attorney General’ of the Citizens Action Network or as some of call them – fruitcakes.

clivewn bundy

Remember Republicans…these are the people you opened your ‘tent’ to ‘expand your party’.

You could have tried to form policies to attract women, gays, Blacks, Latino’s, Asians, working families……

But no.

You decided you wanted these people to be your ‘base’, to expand the Republican party.

“How’s that working for you”.


‘The continuing standoff at the Bundy ranch has exposed the militia members, gun enthusiasts, survivalists, and sovereign citizens drawn there to one another’s ideas in kind of an extremist incubator’.

‘Videos posted online show the scofflaw rancher’s supporters explaining their ideologies in lengthy lectures, such as one posted earlier this month that shows “private attorney general” Jeff Ball explaining that laws don’t apply to individuals if they understand how to rebut them’.

“I want to give you guys the basic chain of command, all right?” said Ball, of the Citizens Action Network’.

“Up at the top of this tree is the creator, whoever your creator is, that’s where the creator’s at. The one below that is you, okay? So your original contract was with the creator.”

‘Ball’s lecture mingles “sovereign citizen” rhetoric with conspiracy theories promoted by perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche’.

“The earth is our inheritance, OK, but what these guys are trying to do is third-party their way into it,” Ball said’.


“So here’s how they want you to believe the chain of command goes: God, the Vatican, Washington, D.C., the city of London.”
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