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One Man’s Trash………. – ‘To No One’s Surprise Sarah Palin Doesn’t Understand How The Election Process Works’



palin ugly american

America has to understand…..if a teabagger loses an election…….it’s black people’s fault because they are all ‘uncle toms’ and they cheat.

The teabaggers are, and I”ve said this for a long time, the most dangerous threat to America. They are attempting to ‘take their Country back’ – a white, so called christian Country where if you are not white, if you are not a christian as they define Christianity, then you aren’t a ‘real’ American.


‘Former half-term Governor of Alaska and the Republican Party’s 2008 nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin did not have an enjoyable Tuesday night’.

‘Two Tea Party Senate candidates she wholeheartedly endorsed lost their primary elections’.

‘One candidate, Oklahoma’s TW Shannon, was defeated by 23 points. The other, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel, lost a close runoff election’.

‘Both McDaniel and Plain are crying foul over the results’.

‘Both are taking issue with Cochran appealing to Democratic voters to ‘cross over’ and vote for him in the runoff election. McDaniel has not conceded and has vowed that he will challenge the results of the election and take this to court’.

‘Palin has urged McDaniel to do so and went to her favorite media platform, Facebook, to offer McDaniel her support’.

See also : ‘Sarah Palin Uses Social Media To Say People Who Use Social Media Are “Lazy”
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‘The fact is, Mississippi has a mixed primary election process’.

‘Voters do not register with any particular political party’.

‘During the primary, they can vote in whichever political party’s primary they choose when they get to the voting booth’.

‘Essentially, based on the Mississippi system, anyone who wanted to cast a vote in this election was able to do so’.

‘There is a caveat’.

‘Per Mississippi’s election laws, a person who votes for a particular nominee during a primary must honor that vote come the general election’.

‘However, all that states is that anyone who voted for Cochran must vote for him in November, if they vote at all’.

‘A vote for another candidate will not be valid’.

‘If the main complaint from Palin and McDaniel is that Democratic voters voted in this primary and cost McDaniel the election, they really have no recourse to fight this’.

‘They can’t sit around and wait until November to see if certain voters change their mind and vote for another candidate besides Cochran’.

  • ‘If that were the case, then Mississippi could not validate any primary election results’.

By not having party registration and allowing more of an honor system in regards to the general election, McDaniel’s campaign really has nowhere to go with this other than to stomp their feet, hold their breath and complain’.

‘Cochran gamed the system. Plain and simple. And no amount of screeching and wailing from Sarah Palin is going to change the results of Tuesday night’.
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2 thoughts on “One Man’s Trash………. – ‘To No One’s Surprise Sarah Palin Doesn’t Understand How The Election Process Works’

  1. Have the tea partiers never heard of the principle of “secret ballots”? In Virginia they got around this by holding a “Firehouse primary” which was more like a caucus. You had to really show your face to participate.

    But I completely agree with you. These tea partiers are dangerous folks.

    • It took me a couple of years to realize that it’s useless to even attempt to have a rational conversation with any of them. Their mindset is ‘if we don’t want it or get it, it’s unconstitutional’.

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