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Debunking The Republican Liars – ‘Boehner Will Sue Obama For Stuff He Thought Was Totally Fine Under George W. Bush’

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‘House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) confirmed Wednesday that he will file a federal lawsuit challenging the executive actions of President Barack Obama, despite supporting President George W. Bush’s extensive use of executive authority’.

‘Boehner said at a news conference

“You know the constitution makes it clear that the president’s job is to faithfully execute the laws and in my view the President has not faithfully executed the laws.”

‘He added that the suit was “about defending the institution in which we serve” because “what we’ve seen clearly over the past 5 years is an effort to erode the power of the legislative branch.”

‘He refused to say which specific actions he believes to be illegal’.


‘But Boehner embraced the power of a Republican president to take action, even at times when he would circumvent Congress by doing so’.

  • ‘In 2001 and 2007, Boehner strongly supported unilateral actions by Bush to prevent embryonic stem-cell research involving new embryos, saying the 2001 decision “preserves the sanctity of life and allows limited research that could help millions of Americans suffering from life-threatening diseases.”
  • ‘He endorsed a 2008 Bush executive order to limit earmarks’.
  • ‘In the final days of Bush’s second term, he even wrote to the president asking him to use an executive order to exempt a historic steamboat from safety regulations after Congress opted not to do so’.

‘Boehner even pushed for administrative compliance with one of President Obama’s executive orders’.

  • ‘In 2010, he asked Obama for a progress report on implementation of an executive order banning taxpayer funding for abortion in Obamacare’.

‘In a letter to then-Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, he noted that the order had “paved the way” for the law’s passage and that the lack of update on implementation “does little to diminish widespread skepticism about the administration’s commitment to enforcing the Executive Order and preventing the law law from increasing federal support for abortion.”

‘As of February, Obama had issued fewer executive orders than all but one of the other presidents since World War II’.
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