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A Republican World – ‘285,000 Veterans Are Going Without Unemployment Compensation’

benghazi 2


Oh by the way, Dick Cheney, John McCain and the Republican Neo Cons want to send you to Iraq.

But pay you long term unemployment benefits?


Those have to be ‘paid for’ and the Republicans don’t like the way Democrats are paying for them.


Now……..why are you voting Republican again?



By the end of June, an estimated 285,000 veterans will be going without long-term unemployment benefits because Congress allowed the program to expire, according to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP)’.

‘Senators reached a deal to extend those benefits and pay them retroactively to everyone who had been kicked out of the program earlier this year, but Republicans blocked its passage over objections to procedural rules’.
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‘John Boehner Snubs the Unemployed as Republicans Push for Unpaid For Business Tax Cuts’
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‘House Republicans block meeting on extended unemployment benefits’
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Senate Republicans block bid to restore jobless benefits’
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‘Republicans Block Unemployment Benefits, Also Blocked Obama’s Jobs Bill’
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‘GOP’s little-noticed unemployment sham: The quiet death of extended benefits’
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Debunking The Republican Liars – ‘Boehner Will Sue Obama For Stuff He Thought Was Totally Fine Under George W. Bush’

benghazi 2

presidential executive orders2

‘House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) confirmed Wednesday that he will file a federal lawsuit challenging the executive actions of President Barack Obama, despite supporting President George W. Bush’s extensive use of executive authority’.

‘Boehner said at a news conference

“You know the constitution makes it clear that the president’s job is to faithfully execute the laws and in my view the President has not faithfully executed the laws.”

‘He added that the suit was “about defending the institution in which we serve” because “what we’ve seen clearly over the past 5 years is an effort to erode the power of the legislative branch.”

‘He refused to say which specific actions he believes to be illegal’.


‘But Boehner embraced the power of a Republican president to take action, even at times when he would circumvent Congress by doing so’.

  • ‘In 2001 and 2007, Boehner strongly supported unilateral actions by Bush to prevent embryonic stem-cell research involving new embryos, saying the 2001 decision “preserves the sanctity of life and allows limited research that could help millions of Americans suffering from life-threatening diseases.”
  • ‘He endorsed a 2008 Bush executive order to limit earmarks’.
  • ‘In the final days of Bush’s second term, he even wrote to the president asking him to use an executive order to exempt a historic steamboat from safety regulations after Congress opted not to do so’.

‘Boehner even pushed for administrative compliance with one of President Obama’s executive orders’.

  • ‘In 2010, he asked Obama for a progress report on implementation of an executive order banning taxpayer funding for abortion in Obamacare’.

‘In a letter to then-Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, he noted that the order had “paved the way” for the law’s passage and that the lack of update on implementation “does little to diminish widespread skepticism about the administration’s commitment to enforcing the Executive Order and preventing the law law from increasing federal support for abortion.”

‘As of February, Obama had issued fewer executive orders than all but one of the other presidents since World War II’.
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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun…….” – ‘At least 100 children killed by unintentional shootings since Newtown, study finds’

gun nuts1


See…..more guns make us safer…….so we can protect our homes……or children…..well not the children.

Of course when a child is shot and killed, it’s just an ‘accident’ because we have to protect our ‘right’ to have a gun laying around the house.

‘According to a study conducted by the gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety, unintentional shootings have been responsible for about two child deaths every week since the December 2012 tragedy’.

‘Over the course of 52 weeks, that tally results in a total number of deaths that’s significantly higher than the yearly average (62 deaths) logged in federal records by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’.

‘The accidents occurred in 35 states, primarily in rural areas’.

gun nuts3

‘What’s more, the report found 73 percent of the deaths were at the hands of a minor, defined as someone 14 years or younger, who in many cases was playing with a firearm’.

‘Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America ‘ :

“There are not enough laws to ensure that with rights come responsibilities,” she said. “These are preventable deaths – 70 percent of them could have been avoided if gun owners had just stored their guns responsibly.”

“We study everything in this country — even pool safety. There are even laws about how to prevent a child from being stuck inside of a refrigerator. But the gun lobby has been very effective in stopping any kind of research on this.”

‘The study noted that about 65 percent of the recorded deaths occurred in homes or vehicles owned by the victim’s family and generally involved firearms that were owned legally but not properly stored’.

‘Thirty-five percent of the cases involved a child shooting themselves accidentally, and more than 65 percent could have been avoided if owners restricted child access to the firearm’.
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A Republican World – But It’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Fox Host Yells At Michele Bachmann For Trying To Sue Obama: ‘You’re Being Silly’

michelle bachmann1

Neil Cavuto is not exactly an Obama fan – REALLY not an Obama fan.

But suing the President of the United States for doing what every other (except one) President has done – you have to, HAVE TO ask yourself – why?

What makes President Obama different?

Is it because he’s Black and so anything he does has to be ‘unconstitutional’?

Actually this is just to excite the Republican ‘base’ of teabaggers. Suing the President proves that Republicans are the ‘real’ Americans.

Yes let’s sue the President.

Jobs, Iraq, marriage equality, immigration, taxes, minimum wage, income inequality, voting rights, health care….none of these are as important as suing the President for doing what ever other President (except one) has done since President George Washington.

But no. Republicans think it’s more important to excite their ‘base’, teabaggers, then to help solve America’s problems.

‘During an interview with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Cavuto belittled the effort as “an enormous waste of effort” and “a political football,” suggesting that President George W. Bush used similar executive authority’.

‘The segment devolved into a shouting match, with Cavuto laughing off Bachmann’s indignation about Obama’s use of executive powers’.

“You just said it, congresswoman, we might not get anywhere,” Cavuto exclaimed in frustration’.

“Maybe Republicans are within their rights, maybe the president is within his rights.”

‘As Bachmann sought to defend the suit, Cavuto accused her of “conflating issues and being silly.”

“Where was your rage when Democrats were going after President Bush on the same use of executive orders, because I think you knew then that that was a waste of time then and I think you know in your heart of hearts this is a waste of time now,” he exploded’.
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One Man’s Trash………. – ‘To No One’s Surprise Sarah Palin Doesn’t Understand How The Election Process Works’



palin ugly american

America has to understand…..if a teabagger loses an election…….it’s black people’s fault because they are all ‘uncle toms’ and they cheat.

The teabaggers are, and I”ve said this for a long time, the most dangerous threat to America. They are attempting to ‘take their Country back’ – a white, so called christian Country where if you are not white, if you are not a christian as they define Christianity, then you aren’t a ‘real’ American.


‘Former half-term Governor of Alaska and the Republican Party’s 2008 nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin did not have an enjoyable Tuesday night’.

‘Two Tea Party Senate candidates she wholeheartedly endorsed lost their primary elections’.

‘One candidate, Oklahoma’s TW Shannon, was defeated by 23 points. The other, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel, lost a close runoff election’.

‘Both McDaniel and Plain are crying foul over the results’.

‘Both are taking issue with Cochran appealing to Democratic voters to ‘cross over’ and vote for him in the runoff election. McDaniel has not conceded and has vowed that he will challenge the results of the election and take this to court’.

‘Palin has urged McDaniel to do so and went to her favorite media platform, Facebook, to offer McDaniel her support’.

See also : ‘Sarah Palin Uses Social Media To Say People Who Use Social Media Are “Lazy”
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‘The fact is, Mississippi has a mixed primary election process’.

‘Voters do not register with any particular political party’.

‘During the primary, they can vote in whichever political party’s primary they choose when they get to the voting booth’.

‘Essentially, based on the Mississippi system, anyone who wanted to cast a vote in this election was able to do so’.

‘There is a caveat’.

‘Per Mississippi’s election laws, a person who votes for a particular nominee during a primary must honor that vote come the general election’.

‘However, all that states is that anyone who voted for Cochran must vote for him in November, if they vote at all’.

‘A vote for another candidate will not be valid’.

‘If the main complaint from Palin and McDaniel is that Democratic voters voted in this primary and cost McDaniel the election, they really have no recourse to fight this’.

‘They can’t sit around and wait until November to see if certain voters change their mind and vote for another candidate besides Cochran’.

  • ‘If that were the case, then Mississippi could not validate any primary election results’.

By not having party registration and allowing more of an honor system in regards to the general election, McDaniel’s campaign really has nowhere to go with this other than to stomp their feet, hold their breath and complain’.

‘Cochran gamed the system. Plain and simple. And no amount of screeching and wailing from Sarah Palin is going to change the results of Tuesday night’.
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UPDATE Stories From The Republican Fringe Freaks – ‘Private attorney general’ tells Bundy ranch gathering that most laws don’t apply to them’

The 'Private Attorney  General' of the Citizens Action Network  or as some of call them - fruitcakes.

The ‘Private Attorney General’ of the Citizens Action Network or as some of call them – fruitcakes.

clivewn bundy

Remember Republicans…these are the people you opened your ‘tent’ to ‘expand your party’.

You could have tried to form policies to attract women, gays, Blacks, Latino’s, Asians, working families……

But no.

You decided you wanted these people to be your ‘base’, to expand the Republican party.

“How’s that working for you”.


‘The continuing standoff at the Bundy ranch has exposed the militia members, gun enthusiasts, survivalists, and sovereign citizens drawn there to one another’s ideas in kind of an extremist incubator’.

‘Videos posted online show the scofflaw rancher’s supporters explaining their ideologies in lengthy lectures, such as one posted earlier this month that shows “private attorney general” Jeff Ball explaining that laws don’t apply to individuals if they understand how to rebut them’.

“I want to give you guys the basic chain of command, all right?” said Ball, of the Citizens Action Network’.

“Up at the top of this tree is the creator, whoever your creator is, that’s where the creator’s at. The one below that is you, okay? So your original contract was with the creator.”

‘Ball’s lecture mingles “sovereign citizen” rhetoric with conspiracy theories promoted by perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche’.

“The earth is our inheritance, OK, but what these guys are trying to do is third-party their way into it,” Ball said’.


“So here’s how they want you to believe the chain of command goes: God, the Vatican, Washington, D.C., the city of London.”
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