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Stories From The Republican Fringe Freaks – ‘Larry Pratt And Alex Jones Warn Obama Is Training Military To Turn On The Tea Party’

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Are stories like this hilarious? Yes but only for those that can use critical thinking.

Viewers of FOX and listeners of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and readers of Weekly Standard, Washington Free Bacon, Red State, The Blaze, The Daily Caller, Breitbart only don’t use critical thinking, they steer their watchers, readers and listeners AWAY from thinking critical or otherwise.

So while we have money corrupting our politics, you have a right wing media that is corrupting the political process as well.

In his 1995 GOPAC memo, Newt Gingrich urged Republicans to call Democrats ‘traitors’.
See :

Democrats can’t be Americans because there is a constant, constant drone of ‘traitor’, ‘socialist’, ‘marxist’ and ‘commie’ form the above right wing media.

So are the stories hilarious?

Yes….but we’re not laughing are we?

These Republicans have poisoned a once Grand Old Party and now want ‘their Country’……..even if it means destroying America to get it.


‘But the myth that the Obama administration declared all Christian conservatives and Tea Partiers to be potential terrorists has lived on in the right-wing myth machine’.

‘The story came up again earlier this month when Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt joined conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Infowars’.

‘Jones asked Pratt about a Washington Times report about a 2010 Pentagon directive — an update to a series of similar directives crafted under previous administrations — outlining how and when the military can use force to quell domestic unrest “in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the president is impossible.”

‘Jones, of course, read this to mean that it is “official and has been confirmed” that the military is “training with tanks, armored vehicles, drones” to “take on the American people, mainly the Tea Party.”
From :

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One thought on “Stories From The Republican Fringe Freaks – ‘Larry Pratt And Alex Jones Warn Obama Is Training Military To Turn On The Tea Party’

  1. reasonablyliberal1 on said:

    These guys are irresponsible to encourage this kind of paranoid “the government is coming to get us” type of thinking….

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