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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun……” – ‘Repo man dies after Virginia truck owner ‘accidentally’ shoots him — twice’

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‘A 23-year-old Maryland man who had taken a job repossessing cars so he could buy a wedding ring for his new wife died over the weekend after a Virginia man shot him twice’.

‘Fauquier Now reported that Junior Jordan Montero died while he was attempting to repossess a 10-year-old pickup truck in Fauquier County early Friday morning’.

‘When Sgt. Darrell Shores arrived on the scene, 53-year-old truck owner Carroll Edward Gregg Jr. told the deputy that the shooting had been “just an accident.”

“He’s in there dead,” Gregg said, pointing to the ditch’.

“I shot him,” he allegedly explained. “I shot, fell and shot again. It was an accident.”

‘Gregg was facing charges of second-degree murder. He requested a court-appointed attorney at a hearing on Friday, saying that he could not afford to pay for one himself’.

Have him sell his guns to pay for his attorney.
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Why America Is Failing – ‘Impoverished Mother Dies In Jail Cell Over Unpaid Fines For Her Kids Missing School’

debtors prison

Let’s take people who are poor and make them poorer and then put them in prison so they can’t pay anyway.

That’s what America is becoming.

Money is more important then people.


‘Thousands of people have been jailed over truancy fines in the county since 2000, and two in three of those jailed have been women, according to the AP’.

‘A mother of seven died in a Pennsylvania jail over the weekend while serving a two-day sentence. Eileen DeNino, 55, was put in the cell where she died because she could not pay thousands of dollars in fines relating to her children’s truancy from schools in the Reading, PA area’.

  • ‘District Judge Dean R. Patton sentenced DeNino to 48 hours in jail after she failed to produce documentary evidence of her inability to pay the more than $2,000 in accrued fines and fees’.

‘The sentence could have been as long as 45 days of jail time. “I bent over backwards for this woman,” Patton told the Eagle, “but I can’t just dismiss her cases without justification.”

‘The results, as catalogued in a year-long National Public Radio investigation, are staggering’:

  • ‘A 19-year-old jailed for three days after catching a smallmouth bass during rock bass season, because he couldn’t pay the fine’;
  • ‘A homeless man sentenced to a year in jail over $2,600 in penalties incurred by shoplifting a $2 can of beer’;
  • ‘A recovering drug user sent to jail three times for being unable to make payments on nearly $10,000 in court costs’.

‘Criminal justice reform advocates and civil rights groups say these practices amount to a revival of the sort of “debtor’s prisons” that are supposed to be a relic of Colonial-era history’.

‘At the federal level, jailing someone for unpaid debt has been illegal since the 1830s’.

‘A Supreme Court decision 30 years ago reaffirmed that judges must determine that an offender is able to pay overdue fines before jailing someone’.
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A Republican World – ‘GOP on Iraq: We told you so – ‘ – ‘Iraq army capitulates to Isis militants in four cities’

mccain on iraq

You can’t ‘give’ someone a stable democracy.

They have to want it to the extent that they will fight and if needed, die for it.

Democracy isn’t just how you live – it’s why you live.

Here  ( is a very good article with lots of links.

To sum it up, this has turned into a religious war.


When 30,000 trained Iraq soldiers turn and run from 800 Isis extrmeists – Why should Americans go back there and die when Iraq soldiers won’t?


McCain and the Republican neo cons want our military in raq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Lybia, Ukrane, North Korea….let’s see…..did I leave out any Countries McCain?

‘Sen. John McCain said Thursday that President Barack Obama’s entire national security team should resign over the resurgence of Islamic militants in Iraq’.

“Everybody in his national security team, including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ought to be replaced,” the Arizona Republican told reporters ahead of a classified Senate Armed Services Committee briefing on the deteriorating situation in Iraq. “It’s a colossal failure of American security policy.”
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‘Iraqi officials told the Guardian that two divisions of Iraqi soldiers – roughly 30,000 men – simply turned and ran in the face of the assault by an insurgent force of just 800 fighters. Isis extremists roamed freely on Wednesday through the streets of Mosul, openly surprised at the ease with which they took Iraq’s second largest city after three days of sporadic fighting’.

‘Senior government officials in Baghdad were equally shocked, accusing the army of betrayal and claiming the sacking of the city was a strategic disaster that would imperil Iraq’s borders’.

‘The US invasion and occupation cost Washington close to a trillion dollars and the lives of more than 4,500 of its soldiers. It is also thought to have killed at least 100,000 Iraqis’.
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