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Double Drum Cover of the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Theme Song

A REAL Cat Person - credit-sober-in-a-night-club

A REAL Cat Person – credit-sober-in-a-night-club



"Turtle Soup For Dinner!" - credit-senor-gifs-turtle-soup

“Turtle Soup For Dinner!” – credit-senor-gifs-turtle-soup









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‘Posting This Because Of Vegas’ – ‘Deadly Rhetoric’

right wing hate

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A Liberal Vision For America – ‘Senate Democrats Will Introduce Proposal To Expand Social Security Benefits’

poor today

raise act

‘ Corporations and the wealthy receive billions of dollars of tax breaks, credits and corporate welfare from the government and the people get nothing’.

‘It’s about time that changes especially when it comes to the elderly’.


‘Today, I’m told, Senate Democrats will introduce a proposal to expand Social Security benefits for certain groups — and it is picking up the support of a member of the Democratic leadership, Senator Patty Murray of Washington State. Senator Mark Begich of Alaska will take the lead on the proposal, and he and Murry will speak about it on the Senate floor this afternoon’.

‘The new proposal is called the Retirement and Income Security Enhancements Act, or RAISE Act, and it would increase benefits specifically for groups who have seen their retirement security eroded by recent economic trends such as’

‘ The transition to two-earner families’,

Stagnating wages’,

‘Declining savings’,

‘And the erosion of pensions’.

‘It would increase benefits for many divorced spouses, and widows and widowers’,

‘And would extend benefit eligibility for some children of retired, disabled or deceased workers’

And the best part………..

‘It will be paid for by a two-percent payroll tax on earnings over $400,000, which is also designed to help shore up the program’s long-term finances’.
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WTF???? – ‘St. Louis Archbishop Carlson Uncertain If He Knew Sexual Abuse Was A Crime’


archbishop robert j carlson

You were ‘uncertain’ it was a crime??????


Now all you Bible thumpers out there tell me again how you want us to be a ‘christian nation’.

Because if a ‘christian’ is ‘uncertain’ that raping a child is a crime or not – I don’t any of your ‘christianity’ any where near me.


‘via St. Louis Today’

During the deposition taken last month, attorney Jeff Anderson asked Carlson whether he knew it was a crime for an adult to engage in sex with a child’.

“I’m not sure whether I knew it was a crime or not,” Carlson replied. “I understand today it’s a crime.”

Anderson went on to ask Carlson whether he knew in 1984, when he was an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, that it was crime for a priest to engage in sex with a child’.

“I’m not sure if I did or didn’t,” Carlson said’.
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Debunking The Republican Lies On Bergdahl – ‘John Boehner Flat Out Lies With Claim Obama Put American Lives at Risk With Bergdahl Swap’



benghazi 2

‘During his press conference with House Republican leaders, Boehner said :

“The biggest issue here is the violation of a policy that the United States has had for many, many years that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. The fact is that we have violated that policy and, as a result, we have made Americans less safe here and all around the world. We’re going to pay for this. There is not any doubt in my mind. There are going to be costs, lives — lost lives — associated with what came out of this.”

And the Lies :

1. -‘The United States, and other countries around the world have been engaging in these types of prisoner swaps for hundreds of years’.

1A. -. “A decade ago, the U.S. released three hardened Moroccan militants from Guantanamo and turned them over to the Moroccan government on the assumption they wouldn’t return to the battlefield.They wound up leading one of the most violent Islamist groups fighting in Syria’s civil war.” (Wall Street Journal)’

1B. – “Said Ali al-Shiri, who co-founded al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in 2009, was transferred to Saudi Arabia in 2007. Shiri completed the kingdom’s rehabilitation program and promptly headed to Yemen, where he became AQAP’s deputy commander. He was killed in a U.S. drone strike last year.” (CNN)’

1C. – “Government documents indicate more than 500 detainees were released or transferred from Guantanamo while George W. Bush was president.” (PolitiFact)

2. – ‘The Taliban are the enemy, not terrorists’.

3. – ‘The terrorists who carried out 9/11 were al-Qaeda’.

4. – ‘Sgt. Bergdahl was not a hostage. He was a prisoner’.

5. – ‘The transfer of the five detainees in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl was a prisoner swap’.

6. – ‘President Bush executed the same sort of transfer more than 500 times as president, and no additional American lives were lost’.

Speaker Boehner knew about the potential Berghdahl swap because he had been briefed about it in 2011 and 2012′.

‘On top of the briefings, the details of the potential swap had been reported on and been public knowledge for months’.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said today that the deal to free Bergdahl came together the day before and that the U.S. didn’t know where they would be picking up Bergdahl until an hour prior to his release’.
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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘Republicans’ gagging hypocrisy’

day in a picture22 boehner6


‘BOEHNER’S BLOG’ ‘Boehner Says a New GOP Majority Will Do Things Differently’ “GOP leader

John Boehner vowed today that he would run the House in a much more open style than Democrats and Republicans have in the past…. Boehner, a West Chester lawmaker, promised that he and his GOP colleagues would be ‘open, be transparent and be willing to listen.” From John Boenher’s own web site : hypocrite

And today……..

The Republican-led House will reach a dubious milestone this week: It will enter the record books as the most gagged in American history’.

The House Rules Committee on Tuesday plans to approve two more “closed rules” for debate — a procedure to block lawmakers from offering amendments on the House floor — bringing the total in the current Congress to 62. This will break the record of 61 closed rules set during Nancy Pelosi’s 2007-2008 Congressand John Boehner’s House still has seven months in which to run up the score’. From :

A Republican World – ‘Boehner Won’t Call Las Vegas Shootings ‘Domestic Terrorism’

gun nuts2


I guess it’s just another ‘accident’.

‘Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) was asked Tuesday if he considers the Las Vegas shootings on Sunday to be “an act of domestic terrorism.”

“I — I’m not sure how I’d describe it,” he responded to reporters in the Capitol’.

‘The perpetrators, identified as Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller, reportedly killed two cops and one civilian before taking their own lives’.


‘Jerad Miller appears to have harbored extreme animosity toward the federal government, mixing Second Amendment advocacy with violent rhetoric and open calls for armed revolution’.
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