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A Republican World – ‘John Boehner Screws Over The Unemployed Then Skips Town for Vacation’

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It’s Obama’s fault and the Democrats are the one’s holding back the economy……

Republican Values.

Today is May 23rd……

‘April 7, 2014’
‘Senate Passes Unemployment Benefits Extension’

‘The Senate approved a bill extending long-term unemployment benefits for five months. Six Republicans joined Senate Democrats in extending unemployment insurance with a vote of 59-38. The measure is expected to be dead on arrival in the House’.

‘The bill has faced trouble since the bipartisan deal was struck in mid-March, after Republican attempts to filibuster had failed’.
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May 23,2014

‘John Boehner and House Republicans skipped town for Memorial Day vacation while still refusing to vote on the Senate passed unemployment benefits extension’.
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3 thoughts on “A Republican World – ‘John Boehner Screws Over The Unemployed Then Skips Town for Vacation’

  1. And they went off to celebrate the Memorial Day by refusing to vote on the VA funding bill.

    • Yep. But that’s Obama’s fault because the Republicans want sanctions against Iraq in that legislation and Obama won’t sign it if there are.

      Sanctions against Iraq of course have nothing to do with Veterans funding but this way the Republicans can go back home and say Obama is against Veteran funding knowing full well that none of their supporters will check it.

  2. The House and the Senate both have lost all contact with the people of the United States, and only care about them selves. They have no idea what it is like to live in the real world, with nothing handed to them on a Silver Platter. They have no idea how to live with out someone driveing them around, fliing them every where they have to go, paying their on bills, they only know how to live high on the hog, and that is what they are, Pigs. If it wasn’t for the tax payer they wouldn’t get a pay check, and they should be unemployed, for they do nothing but vote on bills that don’t even pertain to our own country. While leaveing the American People starve, lose they’re house, cars ins., home owners ins., phones, have to go on welfare, and down right lose every thing we the American People have worked for most of our lives, just to lose it all, and get put on the streets. Most of us are over the age of 50 and can’t get jobs in the area of work we have done most of our lives. What are we to do?, but get jobs that pay less than half of what we are use to, to live on. Which will not even be enough to catch up on our bils, and still leave us in debt, I have had to take a job that is not even paying me as much as I was makeing on unemployment, as a matter of fact $200.oo dolars less than what I was getting on Unemployment. This is a full time job, and does not have ins., and still won’t pay my bills, or for my diabetes medicine. We as the People of the United States of America, need to take back Our Country from these egotistic A _ _ Holes!…. And we need to start at the top of the House with Boehner, and would are way Down, and into the Senate………. To tell you all that reads this comment the truth, I have over 1200 applications sent out all over the world in 2 different feilds of employment, Drilling Oil and Natural Gas, and Driving Tractor Trailer, so if the government can tell me where this 55 year old man can turn for employment that I can make $505. dollars week, other than Unemployment than I’m up for suggestion….

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