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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘John Boehner Gets Caught In a Lie and Busted While Fundraising Off Of Benghazi’



‘Sam Stein, Political Editor and White House Correspondent for the Huffington Post, busted Speaker John Boehner for claiming he has nothing to do with the what goes on at the National Republican Congressional Committee, after they fundraised off of the dead in Benghazi’.

‘Boehner claimed he had nothing to do with this, while the NRCC is sending out fundraising letters in his name’.

‘The idea that the Speaker of the House would have nothing to do with fundraising for House Republican candidates is even more absurd when one considers that Boehner has given the NRCC $22 million since 2005′.

‘Boehner gave the NRCC $10.5 million in 2012, and he has given them $5.3 million so far this year’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘GOP filibusters energy bill, scuttling vote on Keystone XL pipeline

republicans filibuster

‘Senate Republicans on Monday blocked bipartisan-energy efficiency legislation and derailed a promised vote on the Keystone XL pipeline’.

‘Democrats accused Republicans of sinking the bipartisan bill to prevent Shaheen from touting a win on the campaign trail. She worked with Portman for three and a half years on the bill’.

‘The legislation would have strengthened energy efficiency requirements for new homes and commercial buildings and encouraged private sector companies to develop energy efficient technology’.

‘Reid said Republicans constantly changed their demands’.

  • ‘He said they initially expressed a willingness to vote on the bipartisan bill without amending it’.
  • ‘They then requested a vote on a non-binding resolution urging President Obama to approve Keystone before asking for a vote on legislation approving the pipeline’s construction, Reid said’.
  • ‘Reid said the final straw came after he promised Republicans a vote on a stand-alone bill authorizing Keystone. They again upped their demand by insisting on several other energy-related amendments, he said’.

“They have held this bill hostage, this energy efficiency bill, as demand after demand has been met but even now they are still seeking a ransom,” Reid said Monday before the vote’.
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Why It’s Called The Stupid Party – ‘Karl Rove: Hillary Clinton might have brain injury’ and in other news – ‘ ‘Rove Predicts Romney Win’

karl rove on fox2

karl rove on fox1

Karl Rove :

“Sometime after the cock crows on the morning of Nov. 7, Mitt Romney will be declared America’s 45th president. Let’s call it 51%-48%, with Mr. Romney carrying at least 279 Electoral College votes, probably more.”
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karl rove on fox

Obama – 51% – 332 Electoral Votes
Romney – 47% – 206 Electoral Votes
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‘Republican strategist Karl Rove suggested last week that Hillary Clinton suffers from brain damage, according to a new report’.

By the way….Hillary was in the hospital only 3….not 30 days.

“Thirty days in the hospital?” Rove said, according to the report. “And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”

‘After an initial trip to the hospital for medical tests, Clinton was later admitted for three days to a hospital in New York City’.
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Not Conservative Enough – ‘Charleston County Republicans censure U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’

graham not conservativre enough

‘Charleston County Republicans fought among themselves Monday night before deciding to issue a “censure” of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham for not being Republican enough’.

‘Supporters of the resolution said they wanted to make a statement. “I want my politicians to be more conservative,” said Tom Sheridan of James Island’.

‘The censure document, running to about 30 points taken from Graham’s two terms in the Senate, covered a variety of Graham criticisms’,

‘Ranging from supporting President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees’

‘To cooperating with Democrats’.
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Debunking The Republican Lies On Obamacare

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obamacare lies

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obamacare lies2

obamacare lies3

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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘The Totally Misleading Way The GOP Plans To Attack Obamacare Next’

obamacare lies4

‘One of the next big tests for Obamacare’s long-term viability — matched only perhaps by whether people actually like their new coverage — is what happens to health insurance premiums in 2015’.

‘House Republicans were digging for bad premium news last week, though insurance executives declined to give it to them, and prominent GOPers have sounded the warning bells whenever a headline suggesting skyrocketing prices gets published’.

“Americans will be shocked by higher premiums this November,” teased the Republican National Committee in late April. House Speaker John Boehner’s office tweeted a similar headline the month before. It looks like to be their next big attack on the law’.

‘But inseparable from any news about premiums is an understanding of how Obamacare actually works: People receiving subsidies are “shielded” from price increases, Levitt told TPM in an email’.

‘It’s complicated, like most things related to the law. The tax subsidies are calculated based on a person’s income — ranging from 2 percent to 9.5 percent in 2014’.

‘They cap the dollar amount that a person would pay for a benchmark plan (the second cheapest “silver-level” plan, which covers 70 percent of medical costs on average)’.

‘If somebody buys a more expensive policy, then they are liable for the extra cost; if they buy a cheaper one, then they keep the savings’.

‘But because the price those people are responsible for paying is tied to their incomes, not their premiums, they are mostly protected from any price increases that Republicans are warning about’.

“That means people receiving premium subsidies in the exchanges... will be largely shielded from premium increases because they will pay related to their income, while the government will make up the difference,” Levitt explained’.

Remember: About 85 percent of Obamacare’s 8 million enrollees received financial assistance and 85 percent of them signed up for either a silver-level plan or an even cheaper policy’.

‘That suggests the vast majority of them should be mostly unaffected no matter what happens to premiums’.
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A Republican World – The ‘We Will Tell You What You Can And Cannot Do ANd You Will Call It Freedom’ Edition – ‘Freedom? Republican Run States Are Now Telling People What They Can and Can’t Buy’


‘Republicans hate regulations nearly as much as they hate taxation, and according to their Libertarian mindset, the concept of government interference in free market capitalism is tantamount to seizing the one percent’s wealth and assets and giving everything to undocumented immigrants, gays, and people of color’.



‘Missouri is the latest state to attempt to ban residents from purchasing cars from Tesla by inserting new language in an existing bill that forces consumers to buy new cars and trucks only through franchised dealerships’.


‘The legislation, HB 1124 was passed late last year without anti-Tesla language, but Republicans resorted to their now-typical stealth tactic and slipped new language to put a screeching halt to Tesla selling cars in Missouri; a clear violation of Republican libertarian policy against government dictating how free market capitalism is conducted’.

The Missouri senate version of the bill passed without the public’s knowledge and moves to the House for passage without debate because powerful car dealers and the oil industry ordered Republicans to protect their monopoly on pollution-causing vehicles without the public’s knowledge’.
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