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Debunking The Republican Lies – ‘The (cough) Breitbart (cough,cough) news Edition – ‘HUFFINGTON POST MUM ON CANONIZATION OF POPES JOHN XXIII AND JOHN PAUL II’


Every day I could write 20 posts on the debunked lies from Republicans, FOX, Breitbart, Daily Caller and all the other right wing so called ‘news’ outlets.

And that would be just the tip of the misinformation, disinformation iceberg.

This along with the Republican obstruction, war on women and the class warfare on middle class wages & income, is what we need to run on.

Get Republicans to understand (well some of them) that they are being lied to and used by the very places they depend on getting their news from.

ROTFLMAO as Breitbart (cough) news continued it’s ‘headline :

‘As the news of the canonization of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II streamed across the world Saturday morning bringing joy to Catholics everywhere, Huffington Post found that news of “Instagram Feuds,” the fact that “Miley Loves Pancakes,” the tale of Bill Clinton’s dieting plan, “coconut oil facts,” and other such stories were far more important for readers to see on the home page than the news of the canonization of popes’.

Sadly for Breitbart, people learned to read, use the internet and think for themselves.

Something most Breitbart, FOX, NewsMax, Daily Caller and other right wing media uses haven’t been able to do.

From the comment section for this ‘story’ :

**’pragmatic_patriot lillipublicans • a day ago
Your opinion means nothing

**’lillipublicans pragmatic_patriot • a day ago
My opinions are based on facts. Is that why?

“So does the fact that it IS on the front page of HuffPo here:…”

**’lukuj • 2 days ago
If they had covered it, it would have been with disdain, innuendo, and negatively, so it is just as well they ignored it. There are far better places to go for coverage of such an event.

**’lukuj pic18f • a day ago
There is an exception to every rule. The comments would have been vile, too, as the Catholic bashers came out I droves.

**’Dansker lukuj • 8 hours ago
They covered it. They covered it several times leading up to the big dag, AND they livestreamed video of the event, as it happened:…

  • You are right in front of the blessed Internet: checking facts like this is easier than it has ever been in the history of mankind. Try it, and try thinking for yourself. You are being lied to and eating it right up.

**’hdavis • 2 days ago…

**’pic18f • 2 days ago
Weird, found this on the homepage of HuffPo by ctrl+f searching for “pope”:…

**’pic18f pic18f • 2 days ago
It’s also the main story on…. Seriously, of all things to complain about?

**’disqus_tGm8f3IDb6 • 2 days ago
Breitbart claims Huffpo didn’t have a story, but in case you’re wondering Breitbart didn’t bother to fact check itself because here’s the story:…

Can’t wait for Breitbart news to issue a correction.

**’hdavis disqus_tGm8f3IDb6 • a day ago
They never issue corrections, just delete the story and hope their readers forget.
From :

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