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A Republican ‘patriot’ World – ‘Businesses lose thousands in Bundy ordeal’

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The teabagger ‘militia’ – The Ugly Americans.

MESQUITE, Nev. — ‘Hotels in Mesquite say they have already lost more than a $100,000 in business because of armed militia groups patrolling Bunkerville’.

‘8 News NOW has learned Mesquite Police are investigating death threats to hotel staffers following a bomb threat earlier this month. The threats were reportedly called in by supporters of Cliven Bundy, the Bunkerville rancher battling over his cattle with the Bureau of Land Management’.

‘Democratic Representative Steven Horsford says people are living in fear, under the constant presence of armed militia groups’.

‘8 News NOW investigated those claims and found that while people from some of the top hotel chains didn’t want to go on camera, the dispute is costing them, and the community, plenty’.

‘As armed militia groups poured into Bunkerville to support rancher Cliven Bundy, so did threats’.

‘One Mesquite city leader said the entire Holiday Inn Express was evacuated for hours following a bomb threat related to the Bundy saga more than two weeks ago’.

‘8 News NOW obtained a police report which also shows the hotel received at least nine threatening phone calls in April, after they allowed BLM rangers to stay in the hotel’.

‘Workers were told to kick out the BLM or they “would not be standing in the morning.”

‘One Mesquite hotel worker, who didn’t want to go on camera, said he was told by an anonymous militia member that he would be “dragged out in the parking lot and shot”.
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