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A Rand Paul World – The ‘Do What I Say Not What I Do’ Edition – ‘Rand Paul’s Candidate Refused To Say Whether 9/11 Was Inside Job’

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Rand Paul :

“So if that’s what Bill Clinton did multiple times,

really they ought to be concerned about being associated

with him.”
@ :


So Rand….is ‘endorsing’ anything like ‘associating’?

‘A North Carolina Republican Senate candidate who has

been endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) refused to say

whether the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center

were an inside job and instead said only that “things

like this have to be asked.”

‘The candidate is Dr. Greg Brannon’.

Greg Brannon: ‘These questions, again, actually, that’s

what [9/11 commission vice-chair] Lee Hamilton said. And

he just said, there’s other questions that need

answering. So things like this have to be asked’.

‘Brannon has a history of making bizarre and outlandish

comments, causing national Republicans to worry that he

could be a liability if he won the nomination’.

For instance, Brannon, a former OB/GYN, once said that

Planned Parenthood had a secret plan to kill newborn


‘He has also compared food stamps to slavery and

reportedly helped sponsor at an event that supported

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