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Of Course There’s Not A Republican War On The Minimum Wage – ‘Congressman Tells Low-Income Worker: Higher Minimum Wage Is ‘Not Right’


Are we, the middle class, just expendable labor?

Only for the economic benefit of business?


“Who’s going to pay for it”?????

That’s this dumbass Congressman’s question??

(Bloggers Note : Again I live in Washington State. We passed legislation in 1998, yes 1998 adjusting our State’s minimum wage to inflation. For the last several years we have had the highest minimum wage in the Nation.
It does no harm. In fact it raise our standard of living.
But when Congressmen like this, Republicans, sit there and give BILLIONS of dollars in subsidies to corporations, when they give tax cuts, legislate tax loopholes for the wealthy…..and THEN say it will harm the economy if they raise the minimum wage for hard working, middle class Americans……It’s time to take OUR Country back.)

TAMPA, Florida — ‘People like Shaneeka Rainer are often told that they shouldn’t try to get the minimum wage increased because it only really applies to teenagers working entry-level jobs’.

‘That indeed may have described Rainer 10 years ago, when he first entered the workforce’.

‘But a decade after he got his first job in fast food, Rainer still finds himself working at Arby’s for minimum wage’.

‘In other words, Rainer has worked an entire decade receiving only one raise: when Congress increased the minimum wage in 2007’.

‘And so he showed up at his congressman’s public forum on Tuesday to ask Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) to finally give him and millions of other low-income Americans a raise’.

‘Ross, who is seeking a third term representing Tampa’s northwest suburbs, was unmoved by Rainer’s plea.

“It’s not right,” the Florida Republican said. “If we are going to make it a living wage, who’s going to pay for it?”
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