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Debunking The Republican Lies – A Republican World – The ‘Miracle’ In Texas Edition


Come on America!! Vote Republican and turn America into Idaho, Louisiana or Texas – 3rd World States!!

Governor Rick The Dick Perry wants to run for President of the United States….again.

So let’s see what a Rich The Dick Perry would do to the United States.

Running on his record.

Unemployment. Now everybody knows texas is ‘creating jobs’….

  • Texas Unemployment rate : 4.9(2)
  • Texas Minimum wage : 7.25(1)
  • Washington State’s Unemployment rate 5.3
  • Washington State’s Minimum Wage : 9.32(1)

Now you hold on there. Republican are a alwats a telling us that if you raise the minimum wage, you’ll kill jobs.

Doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of job killing in Washington State.

Yeah but Minimum wage don’t mean nothing (unless you the one making minimum wage) how about income?

  • Texas $32,774 rank 26th
  • Washington $42,857 rank 13th

Well shit.
Well how about education?

‘ Percent of People Who Have Completed High School (Including Equivalency) (most recent) by state'(3)

  • #6th – Washington: 89.4 %
  • #49 – Texas: 78.7 %

Well shit……
‘Health Index'(4)

  • #13th – Washington: 9.87
  • #45th – Texas: -11.85






(4) :

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