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Turn Texas Blue – A Republican World – ‘Wendy Davis’ Opponent Texas AG Greg Abbott Also Pays Minorities Less than Whites’

turn texas blue2

‘Speaking of sweet empty promises, it turns out that in this same Attorney General’s office, Anglo assistant attorneys general earn “on average $77,740 in base salary, while minorities earn $72,214.”

‘Maybe that doesn’t seem like a big deal unless you are the person earning less just because… SKIN COLOR’.

‘Furthermore, “The highest, best-paid classification of assistant attorney general is comprised almost exclusively Anglos’:

‘Of the 21 members, just one is a minority.”
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A Republican World – The ‘Republicans Will Give You Small Government But Also Need To Know What You Do In Your Bedroom’ Edition – ‘Bill Forces People Going Through Divorce To Get A Judge’s Permission Before Having Sex In Own Home’

republicans in the bedroom


republicans in the bedroom1

‘There’s nothing that sets the mood for a romantic evening like petitioning a judge for permission to have sex at the end of the night’.

‘If Massachusetts State Sen. Richard J. Ross (R) gets his way, that’s exactly what many women (and men) would have to do if they have children and are going through a divorce. In fact, not only would permission-less coitus be banned, but so too would the romantic evening and many dating activities’.

‘Ross’ bill seeks to amend Massachusetts divorce law with the following provision (emphasis added)’:

  • Republican Small Government : 

“In divorce, separation, or 209A proceedings involving children and a marital home, the party remaining in the home shall not conduct a dating or sexual relationship within the home until a divorce is final and all financial and custody issues are resolved, unless the express permission is granted by the courts”.
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