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Debunking Republican Lies – ‘Romney Takes on Tea Party in Idaho’


Mitt doesn’t really do that.

It’s just another (cough) ‘Newsmax’ headline to suck in gullible teabaggers.

But Mitt DID say something very interesting…..

First of all, Idaho is a ‘welfare’ State. It gets back more in Federal taxes then it pays in. In other words, it needs other States to help pay for it’s programs.

red satate blue state

But back to Mitt. Here’s what he said……

“I’m here today in Idaho . . . to make sure people understand that the people I’m standing with right here are the right team of conservative leaders to help the people of Idaho,” Romney said, according to NPR’.

“I also acknowledge that they are men of character and vision, and they’ve done a heck of a good job,” Romney said. “And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” (1)


If it ain’t broke….don’t fix it?

Exactly how does Mitt define ‘broke’?

‘BOISE – Idaho has the worst wages in the nation’.

Remember……..Mitt Romney says – “And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Wanna look at what a Republican State really looks like?

Take a real good look.


‘The Famous Potatoes state ranks 50th for average annual wage, per-capita income, and for wage increases since 2007’.

‘It also has the greatest percentage of minimum-wage workers in America’. (2)

‘Despite Idaho’s many attributes, it ranks at the bottom (or top) of several unflattering lists’.

‘Rankings out of 50 states’
‘Average per-pupil spending: 49’
‘Salary of classroom teachers: 42’
‘College enrollment after HS: 47’
‘College graduation rates: 44’
‘Attainment of BA degree (age 25 or older): 40’
‘Attainment of advanced degree: 42’
– (From the National Center for Education Statistics
and the U.S. Census Bureau)

‘Health Care’
‘Breast cancer screenings
Rank: 51/51 for lowest rate’.

Health care professionals’
‘Physicians in patient care’:
‘Idaho rank: 49’

‘Rank: 7th for highest incidence rate, 14th for highest death rate (2003-2007)’.

‘Rank: 11th highest suicide rate (2007’)
‘From 2007-2009, Idaho suicide completions increased by 40 percent’.

‘Child immunizations’
‘Rank: 10th lowest coverage rate’

‘Median Household Income’
‘Rank: 42’
‘Idaho is among the bottom 10 states for average personal and household income’.

Gender Wage Gap’
‘Rank: 36’
‘Idaho women working full-time, year-round jobs in Idaho earn 78 percent of their male counterparts’ income’.

‘Increase in Families on Food Stamps’
‘Rank: 18’
‘The number of people on government nutritional assistance programs has increased faster in Idaho than elsewhere in the country, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics’.

‘”We have 1,600 job openings in our system today, statewide,” Fick said. “And there’s 65,000 people that are unemployed, 7,000 who dropped out, 40,000 working part-time. So there’s a lot of competition for the handful of jobs that are out there.”
From :

(1) @ :

(2) @ :



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