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Turn Texas Blue – The ‘Republican Lies In The Republican War On Women – ‘Wendy Davis’ Opponent Gets Caught In Equal Pay Lie: His Office Pays Women Less Than Men’

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greg abbott

‘Gubernatorial nominee and Texas AG Greg Abbott (R-TX) is in trouble. Abbott told Texans, “I fully expect women to be paid what men are paid.” His spokesman even assured the people of Texas that Abbott supported equal pay for women and that he would “continue to ensure it’s enforced.”

‘The only problem is it turns out equal pay is not even enforced in Abbott’s own Attorney General office’.

‘On March 8th, Abbott told WFAA, “As a father of a teenage daughter, as a husband of a wife who has been involved in the work force here in the state of Texas, I fully expect women to be paid what men are paid. There shouldn’t be any differential in payment because of sex.”

‘The problem for Abbott is that the San Antonio Express News (subscription link) went looking for actual facts, and they found out that in Abbott’s state AG office, women are not being paid the same as men for the same work’.

“Equal pay for women is in the spotlight of the Texas governor’s race, and figures from Attorney General Greg Abbott’s state agency show most female assistant attorneys general make less on average than do men in the same job classification”.

“Abbott’s office said the difference is explained by the amount of time that the men have been licensed as lawyers and have served at the agency”.

“But drilling down into different classifications of assistant attorney general, the figures provided by Abbott’s office show there isn’t always a direct correlation between such experience and pay”.


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