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Debunking Republican Lies – ‘O-Care premiums to skyrocket’ – ‘“The Sky Is Falling,” Says Anonymous Chicken’

obamacare rates to increase


obamacare rates to increase1

Out takes from the article :

“said one senior insurance executive who requested anonymity”.

“The insurance official, who hails from a populous swing state”,

“But insurance officials are quick to emphasize” (no name given)

“We’re exasperated,” said the senior insurance official” (no name given)


‘I’m sure many of you saw a certain headline from The Hill today: “O-Care premiums to skyrocket.” At first I thought the source was The Drudge Report’.

‘If you actually read the accompanying article by Elise Viebeck, the rather alarming assertion is mostly a collection of blind quotes from “health industry officials.”

‘Yes, one former Cigna executive went on the record to say his “gut” tells him premiums could go up, which is of course very convincing’.

‘Otherwise the closest Viebeck gets to attribution is an “insurance official who hails from a populous swing state.”

‘In an updated version of the article, Viebeck does quote by name two experts—who deny the whole premise of her story’.
From :

The Hill article :

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