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teabagger Alert!! – Blog Running – ‘Examples of Tea Party stupidity’

tea bag stupidity

Great stuff as always from the great people over at Addicting Info.

‘In her short (but not short enough) time as a member of the House, Bachmann has wished Elvis ‘Happy Birthday’ on the anniversary of his death’.

‘She has called carbon dioxide a harmless gas that has nothing to do with climate change’.

‘She thought the hometown of serial killer John Wayne Gacy was that of Hollywood icon John Wayne’.

‘She jumped on the ‘vaccines cause autism’ train’.

‘She thinks John Quincy Adams is a Founding Father’.

‘Need more Bachmann stupidity?
Just click here :

‘Besides Michele Bachmann, many other so-called “Tea Party intellectuals” have demonstrated their own remarkably low IQs’.

‘Former Missouri Rep. Todd Akin once claimed that women have magical vaginas that can prevent pregnancy during rape’.

‘An Alabama state GOP rep thinks a baby is the “largest organ in the body” even though a baby isn’t an organ at all’.

‘A Texas state Republican believes rape kits are the same as birth control pills’.

‘Then there’s Georgia Republican Paul Broun who sits on the House science committee yet believes science is “all lies straight from the pit of hell.” How the hell he ever made it through medical school is a mystery’.

‘Let’s not forget about Texas congressman Louie Gohmert’.

‘He once cruelly told a woman that she should have carried her brain-dead fetus to term’.

‘That’s not all. He also can’t tell the difference between Hispanics and Arabs’.

‘Up next, Rick Perry. The Texas Governor is a prime example of “Tea Party intellect.”

‘He doesn’t know the difference between Louisiana and Florida’.

‘He doesn’t think Canada is a foreign country’.

‘Perhaps most damning, Perry can’t even pinpoint the decade or even the century when the American Revolution occurred. He thinks it happened in the 1500s’.

‘House GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher once blamed dinosaur farts as the cause of climate change’.

‘And don’t even get me started on Sarah Palin. Even military veterans think she’s an idiot’.

‘Someone Finally Informs Sarah Palin That She’s An Idiot, And It’s A Veteran (VIDEO)’

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