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Liberals Lose 2014 – ‘Obama to Dems: It’s time to worry’

will rogers



Here’s the article here but frankly nothing no one is not already use to.

Apathy. Democrats unable to get voter turn out in mid terms.

My picks for 2014 Senate.

As to the House?

I think we Democracts will lose 3-7 seats.

Obstruction wins and Democrats and America lose because we didn’t make the case that yes we need to raise the minimum wage but can’s because of the Republicans.

Yes we need immigration reform but can’t because of Republicans.

Yes we need national health care but can’t because of Republicans.

Yes we need marriage equality but can’t because of Republicans.

THis election could be won if we made it not about what we need but rather why we can’t have it – Republicans.

Alabama Jeff Sessions Republican – Hold -R
Alaska Mark Begich Democratic – Hold –D
Arkansas Mark Pryor Democratic – Flip -R
Colorado Mark Udall Democratic – Hold –D
Delaware Chris Coons Democratic – Hold –D
Georgia Republican – Flip –D
Idaho Jim Risch Republican – Hold -R
Illinois Richard Durbin Democratic – Hold –D
Iowa Democratic – Hold –D
Kansas Pat Roberts Republican – Hold -R
Kentucky Mitch McConnell Republican – Flip –D
Louisiana Mary Landrieu Democratic – Flip -R
Maine Susan Collins Republican – Hold -R
Massachusetts Mo Cowan Democratic – Hold –D
Michigan Democratic – Flip -R
Minnesota Al Franken Democratic – Hold –D
Mississippi Thad Cochran Republican – Hold -R
Montana Democratic – Flip -R
Nebraska Republican – Hold -R
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen Democratic – Hold –D
New Jersey Democratic – Hold –D
New Mexico Tom Udall Democratic – Hold –D
North Carolina Kay Hagan Democratic – Flip -R
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe Republican – Hold -R
Oregon Jeff Merkley Democratic – Hold –D
Rhode Island Jack Reed Democratic – Hold –D
South Carolina Lindsey Graham Republican- Hold -R
South Dakota Democratic – Flip -R
Tennessee Lamar Alexander Republican – Hold -R
Texas John Cornyn Republican – Hold -R
Virginia Mark Warner Democratic – Hold –D
West Virginia Democratic – Flip -R
Wyoming Mike Enzi Republican – Hold -R
Right now
Democrats – 53
Republicans -45
Independents – 2

Senate seats up – 33
Democrats – 20
Republicans -13
My perdictions 2014
Democrats – 15
Republicans – 18

Right now I see the Democrats losing
Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, N. Carolina, S. Dakota, W. Virgina.
While only gaining Georgia and Kentucky.
Democrats net minus 5

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4 thoughts on “Liberals Lose 2014 – ‘Obama to Dems: It’s time to worry’

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. I can understand 2014 but how about 2016? (John at “My American Times –

    • Hillary runs and beats Rand Paul – 60% to 40% maybe even 65% to 35%.
      Dems take back the Senate because now Repubs will be defending the gains they made in 2010.
      If this is a ‘wave’ election, and if Paul stumbles as bad as I think he can and will, then ‘tail coats’ will come back into play.
      Dems could gain the House back or get with in 5 votes.

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