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A Republican World – ‘First Look: Game Passed Around Alamance Sheriff’s Office’

border patrol

BURLINGTON, N.C. – ‘Within hundreds of pages of evidence from the the U-S Justice Department’s suit against Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson – are pictures of a video game an Alamance County Sheriff’s Department Captain e-mailed coworkers’.

‘The game’s called Border Patrol and the screen says – “there is one simple objective – keep them out at any cost!” Them being labeled – Mexican nationalist, drug smuggler and breeder’.

  • ‘You can see how the player targets someone headed into the U-S towards the Welfare office. And the end of the game shows a racial slur to find out how many people the player killed’.

‘The feds say this message was included in the email with the game’:

“Makes you feel better anyway, I did my part today, I kept several from coming over!!!”

‘The Justice Department says the Sheriff failed to discipline the worker behind this e-mail. And the feds claim that’s just one example of what’s called “a total lack of discipline for expressing anti-Latino sentiment.”
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