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A Republican World – The Republican ‘War On Women’ – ‘Iowa GOP Bill Lets Women Sue Doctors over “Abortion Regret”

war on women2


war on women3

This is the continuing effort to so limit abortions that it will be impossible to get one in America.

Back to back alley coat hangers for the poor while the rich can fly to Canada to get one.

It’s only ‘fair’, right? (pun intended)

Ten years after buying a car, I get into an accident. I can sue the dealer ship that sold me the car under this logic.

‘Under the legislation, a patient could sue a doctor within ten years of terminating a pregnancy, even after signing a form acknowledging informed consent’.

‘In addition to suing for physical injury, a patient could sue for emotional distress, which would include a negative emotional or mental reaction, grief, anxiety, or worry’.

‘The bill significantly increases the risk doctors face in providing abortion care in a couple of important ways’.

  • ‘First and foremost, it creates an entirely separate legal claim related only to abortions, despite the fact that any patient injured during an abortion can already sue for medical malpractice’.
  • ‘Second, it increases to at least ten years the amount of time a patient has to sue, and allows a claim to proceed even if a patient acknowledges that the risks associated with the procedure were explained’.

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