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Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Washington 5th District – ‘Local reporting debunks Obamacare horror story from Republican SOTU response’ – Blog Running – ‘GOP Obamacare sabotage works’

'Local reporting debunks Obamacare horror story from Republican SOTU response'

‘Local reporting debunks Obamacare horror story from Republican SOTU response’

'Local reporting debunks Obamacare horror story from Republican SOTU response'

McMorris Rodgers is my US Representative in Washington’s 5th District.

That she lies is common knowledge. As I’ve said before, I have rocks in my backyard smarter then her.

That Republicans can’t see it tells all we need to know about our Nation.

gop lies

  • ‘So what really happened here is that this woman contacted Rep. McMorris Rodgers to complain about the health law — and there’s no indication her Congresswoman’s aides pointed her to the exchange or indicated she could have gotten a better deal from it’.
  • ‘Bette from Spokane, to be sure, might not have used the exchange even if her Congresswoman’s office had pointed her to it. As Bette put it in the local report, “I wouldn’t go on that Obama website.”
  • ‘One other point: While McMorris Rodgers’ office claims “hundreds” from the region got in touch with concerns about the law, Timothy Egan reports that in her district, signups for coverage on the exchange are well above the national average’.

‘Paul Krugman has a great item up on “Bette in Spokane,” the woman who was featured in the nationally watched GOP response to the State of the Union speech as a symbol of victimization at the hands of Big Bad Obamacare’.

‘As GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers put it in the response, Bette “hoped the President’s health care law would save her money – but found out instead that her premiums were going up nearly $700 a month.”

‘That does sound awful’.

‘But then a local reporter got in touch with Bette Grenier, and found out the story is far more complex than it first appeared. As Krugman puts it’:

“Her previous plan was catastrophic coverage only, with a $10,000 deductible — and the “$700 a month more” was the most expensive option offered by her insurer. She didn’t go to the website, where she could have found cheaper plans. So this wasn’t sticker shock, at least as described. This was someone finding out that the ACA requires that you have a minimum level of insurance, and that minimalist plans are no longer allowed — and it was also Ms. Rodgers misrepresenting what had happened”.

‘But this may be a lot worse than Krugman says’.

‘Indeed, it may be a case of Republican sabotage of the law actually working’.

‘A Democratic source makes a very good point, arguing that this may actually be better seen as a ”Republican sabotage success story.” He points to these details from the report by David Wasson in the Spokesman-Review’:

“Melanie Colette, McMorris Rodgers’ spokeswoman, would only say Bette is “one of hundreds of people in Eastern Washington that have contacted the congresswoman with their concerns about the president’s health care law.”

“Grenier, contacted Wednesday evening at her home, said she didn’t know McMorris Rodgers had mentioned her insurance travails during the GOP rebuttal”.

“That probably was me she was referring to,” Grenier said. “A guy from her office called me last week but I never called him back.”

“She said she contacted the congresswoman late last year to complain after getting a letter from Asuris Northwest advising that her $552-a-month policy no longer would be offered. She sent the congresswoman’s office a copy of the letter, which included the rate quotes for the suggested replacement policies’.

‘The case of Bette fits into this very neatl’y.’

  • ‘Even though the exchange could have gotten her a better deal, it was a better political outcome for Republicans that she didn’t avail herself of that option’.
  • ‘And precisely because she didn’t, she was turned into a poster woman for Obamacare victimization’.

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Republican Hate, Fear and Loathing as Policies – ‘Montana GOP Candidate Calls Hillary Clinton The ‘Anti-Christ’

Ryan Zinke


US President George W. Bush addresses th

Silence is acceptance.

When your Republican neighbors, friends, co-workers, relatives don’t speak out against this…..then they believe it.

Hate….Fear…..Loathing as Republican policies.

That’s the Country the Founding Father’s wanted.

A Republican candidate for Congress in Montana compared former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the anti-Christ’.

‘The candidate, state Sen. Ryan Zinke, is one of five Republicans competing for the nomination to succeed Rep. Steve Daines (R-MT) who is likely to run for the seat being vacated by Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT)’.

‘At his campaign kickoff event, according to the Bigfork Eagle, Zinke said “we need to focus on the real enemy.” He then went on to criticize Clinton calling her the “anti-Christ.”

‘Actually, Zinke, once a member of the Navy SEAL unit that killed Osama bin Laden, is not new to partisan bomb-throwing. Two years ago he started an anti-President Barack Obama super PAC’.

“Navy SEALs, Special Operations Personnel and Veterans across America have been outraged since Barack Obama conveniently took credit for killing Osama bin Laden for political gain,” an announcement of the super PAC said, according to The Huffington Post’.

‘Zinke may be in a crowded primary field but he seems to be on the National Republican Congressional Committee’s radar. The House Republican campaign committee was involved in registering Zinke’s campaign website’.
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Turn Kentucky Blue – ‘Alison Lundergan Grimes Mocks Mitch McConnell’s Poor Job Creation Record with New Tumblr’

turn kentucky blue


turn kentucky blue1

‘McConnell hasn’t proposed a jobs bill for 30 years’.

‘Yes, you read the correctly’.

‘He also voted against raising the minimum wage and pay equity for women. Of voters polled in Kentucky, 57% want the minimum wage raised and 42% percent don’t want to vote for Mitch McConnell if he voted against raising the minimum wage’.

‘If only someone would tell them… How to force that discussion’?
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Caught On Video: Police Hit, Tie Down, Then Chop Off Possible Rape Victim’s Hair (VIDEO)’

warren michigan police

‘Warren Michigan police officers were caught on camera, strapping a 22-year-old mother into a chair and cutting off her hair’.

‘The officer with the scissors, Bernadette Najor, can be seen hitting the young mother, before having her restrained’.

‘The video shows her grabbing the woman’s hair, repeatedly jerking her head back, while she hacks off the woman’s weave’.

‘Najor has been fired’.

‘All of the male officers, who can be seen helping to restrain this young woman, remain on the police force’.

‘Every one of them stood by while this was done’.

‘None seemed shocked, upset or even concerned about what is happening two feet away from them’.

‘There’s more to the story as well’.

‘The young mother in the video, Chandra Greggory, had been at a party in Detroit earlier in the evening’.

‘When she woke up in a Motel with no idea how she got there, she told police she thought she had been drugged’.

‘Instead of investigating a possible rape, it appears that the cops arrested Greggory instead’.

‘She was accused of destroying the hotel room’.

‘All of the charges against her have been dropped’.

‘If she is telling the truth, this young woman was a victim of abduction and possible rape, just prior to being abused, restrained and humiliated by the Warren police’.
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The Republican War With Stupidity – ‘Rep. Jim Bridenstine Shrugs Off Questioner Who Called For Obama To Be Killed’

Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK)

‘At a breakfast event with the Tea Party organization Tulsa 9:12 Project last week, Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) saw no need to rebuke or even disagree with a questioner who said that President Obama should be executed’.

“Obama, he’s not president, as far as I’m concerned, he should be executed as an enemy combatant,” the questioner said, before asking the congressman about “the Muslims that he is shipping into our country through pilots and commercial jets” (a claim based on a bizarre right-wing conspiracy theory)’.

“This guy is a criminal and nobody’s stopped him,” she declared’.

‘Bridenstine didn’t respond to her call for the president’s execution, but agreed that Obama is “lawless” and said he rules “by decree” and through the United Nations’.
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