The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

teabagger Alert!! – ‘Tea Party Terrorists Plead Guilty To Building Anti-Muslim Death Ray’

anti muslim death ray

‘Two Tea Party members in upstate New York entered a guilty plea to federal terrorism related charges, on Jan. 27. The (Albany, NY) Times Union reports the two men, Eric Feight and Scott Crawford, were caught planning to build an x-ray weapon of mass destruction, in order to wipe out Muslim-Americans, whom they referred to as the “enemies of Israel.”

‘Crawford and Feight built a prototype of the remote control device that would have activated their ‘death ray’. The FBI described the weapon as’ :

“a radiation emitting device that could be placed in the back of a van to covertly emit ionizing radiation strong enough to bring about radiation sickness or death against Crawford’s enemies.”

‘The two had also chosen an area Mosque as the first target at which to aim their weapon of mass destruction’.
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