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The Rock-Paper-Scissors of Republican 2016 Presidential Hopefuls – ‘Poll: Huckabee Is Now The GOP’s Top Choice For 2016 After Libido Remark’


If I had to pick right now, it would be Rand Paul and he picks Martinez of New Mexico as his VP.

rock paper12

rock paper

A month and a half ago , Chris Christie was the ‘Rock’.
He ‘slapped’ teabaggers for  hiring a Muslim.
He actually thanked President Obama for coming to New Jersey after the Sandy Hurricane.
And another ‘slap’ to the face of teabaggers, his ‘take down’ of Rand ‘Cut & Paste’ Paul for the Senators comments on New Jersey being a welfare State when the opposite is actually the fact.
Now even, as I suspect, Christie didn’t directly tell or even suggest the closure, just not knowing and the mounting influence peddling has made Chris Christie finished in Republican Presidential politics.
He would have struggled badly in the South and Central State primaries anyway.

rock paper1

Now with Mike ‘The Bible Is The Only Book You Need’ Huckabee’s comments on women’s libidos, he has risen to the top in Republican polling.
Question – Is 2016 already turning into the ‘flavor of the Month for Republicans?
Remember in 2011 while Mitt ‘I Can Lie Faster Then You Can Fact Check’ Romney wallowed in the polls at 24%, every month we had a ‘new’ leader. Palin, Bachmann, Perry, Trump, Cain, Gingrich.
So is Mikey an actual ‘leader’ or is it a case of he just tossed the ‘base’ – teabaggers – enough red meat and so ‘Mikey Will Do It’ is the latest craze?
The good news for Mikey is that with Christie out, there is anyone sane to take his place.
And Mike “The Bible Is The Only Book You Need’ Huckabee has spent the last 4 years honing the Aw Shucks, kinder, gentler GOP’er.
Huckabee would have few problems in any region in the primaries.

rock paper2

Then you have Rand ‘Cut & Paste’ Paul. Now this does not bother the Republican teabagger base. # 1 they don’t know what  plagiarism is and # 2, it’s just a liberal media lie anyway.
(**On a side note. If Rand Paul was to pick Paul Ryan to be his running mate, the bumper stickers would read ‘Paul/Ryan 2016’. They could just use their first names ‘Rand/Paul 2016′.
An omen?)
Rand Paul’ problem, well his biggest problem, is that he’s great and sound bites but falls flat on his face when questioned.
Now we already know the press won’t question him.
So will enough questions arise via debates to knock him out of the top billing?
His other major problem is he needs someone crazy standing on the same stage so that it makes him look normal.
Put Paul the Rand one next to Huckabee and Rand looks looney tunes. But stand him next to Ted Cruz and you’ll beg Rand to save us from Crazy Cruz.
So if there is no Christie or Huckabee opposition, then Rand can and will have little problem is the primaries.

rock paper3

Ted ‘I Didn’t Shut Down The Government’ Cruz.
Yes you did and aside form the teabagger base, no one will vote for you.

rock paper4

Scott ‘Hold On While I Take A 10 Minute Phone Call From A Fake Koch Brother During A Financial Crisis In My State’ Walker.
Shine a spot light on Scott Walker and it will make Chris Christie look like a boy scout. On the State level he’s fine but Nationally?

rock paper5

Paul Ryan. Aynn Rand. Didn’t we just do the Ryan Rand thing?
Paul Ryan is a liar. He lies about his personal life and he’s lying about his various budgets.
Again he will excite the teabagger base but once you start questioning him, it all falls apart.
But he would sail through the primaries.

So we have Christie, Huckabee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Paul Ryan.

there will be a few others jumping in when they see the field.

rock paper6

Jeb Bush?
No real signs of him building a run. The ‘Bush’ machine is more or less useless as it hasn’t added any ‘new’ blood and is polar opposite of the teabaggers.

rock paper7

Newt? Yeah no.

rock paper8

Palin? Not enough money in it for her. Not enough intelligence in it for the rest of us.

rock paper9

Rick Santorum? Huckabee cancels him out.

rock paper10

rock paper11

Ben Carson? Allen West?
Rand Paul needs these people to run.


Wait. I didn’t mention Marco Rubio.
You’re right. I didn’t.
He is the little kid in Republican politics.

So unless someone in the Republican circles decides to go National, Hillary can pretty much just stand and deliver speeches on actual legislation while the crazies that the Republicans have turned their party over to yell, scream and froth at the mouth but offer no solutions.

Two years of hate, fear and loathing as policies form the Republicans.

A Libertarian vision for America – ‘This CEO Wants To Pay ‘Mentally Retarded’ People $2 Per Hour’

peter schiff

‘Peter Schiff, who is CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, and who also hosts a radio show where he shares his libertarian ideas on finance and the economy, has a history of attacking those who support raising the minimum wage’.

‘He starts out with the time honored conservative argument that raising the minimum wage will “destroy jobs.”

‘Then it gets bizarre’.

“Why have one job for $15 an hour, when you could have two jobs, for $7.50 an hour?” Schiff asks her “Would you rather do that, or pay twice as much for your burger?”

‘That is a huge theme with opponents of a minimum wage hike’.

‘They want to plant the idea in everyone’s head that doubling the minimum wage will result in doubling of prices of popular products’.

  • ‘That claim is completely false’.

‘Take McDonalds. In Australia, where the minimum wage is $17.05, or almost $15 in U.S. currency, a Big Mac costs $4.94. That’s about $4.32 in American dollars. In the U.S., a Big Mac costs $4.20’.

‘Schiff offers the classic libertarian idea of a “fair” minimum wage’.

“If we eliminate the minimum wage law, then individuals would be free to accept jobs at whatever pay they are able to get”.

‘Schiff saves the most incredible comment for last’.

‘Bee asks him to describe a person whose work would be worth $2.00 an hour’.

‘Schiff says “You know somebody who might be?” He then fumbles around looking for a description, before asking Bee “What’s the politically correct word for ‘mentally retarded?’”
From :

A Libertarian vision for America – The Republican ‘War On Women’ -The Rand Paul Edition – ‘Senator Floats Idea To Penalize Low-Income Women Who Have Children’


rand paul

Tell me again Rand about this ‘small government’ that you say stays ‘out of people’s lives’.

‘At a luncheon for the Chamber of Commerce in Lexington, KY, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) floated the idea of capping government benefits for women who have children out of wedlock, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports’.

‘While he said that preventing unplanned pregnancies should be in the hands of communities and families, he added’,

“Maybe we have to say ‘enough’s enough, you shouldn’t be having kids after a certain amount.”
From :

Turn Kentucky Blue – ‘McConnell In Tight Race’

turn kentucky blue

This one is doable.

Kentucky Survey Results
Q1 Do you approve or disapprove of Senator Mitch
McConnell’s job performance?
Approve 37%
Disapprove 51%
Not sure 11%

Q2 If the candidates for U.S. Senate this fall were
Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat
Alison Lundergan Grimes, who would you vote
Mitch McConnell 45%
Alison Lundergan Grimes 44%
Undecided 11%
From :

Stories From The Very Serious Religious Fringe Freaks – ‘Pastor delivers God’s State of the Union: Obama follows Satan and Jesus can fix the debt’

serious pastor

This is some very serious carzy.

From :

Stories From The Religious Fringe….Freaks – The ‘Why America Is Failing’ Edition – ‘Arizona pastor offering tax-deductible exorcisms over Skype for $295 each’


He pays no taxes on the money he scams and you get to deduct it off your taxes when you fall for this.

That’s why America is failing.

‘An evangelical pastor in Arizona has taken his exorcism business to the Internet’.

‘Reverend Bob Larson told KNXV that he has performed over 20,000 exorcisms over the past 20 year. And thanks to the Skype video chat software, he can now offer the service to people all over the world for just $295 for a 60-minute session, according to The Huffington Post’.

‘U.S. residents can even deduct the donation to Larson’s International Missions Program from their taxes’.
From :

One Man’s Trash…… – ‘Donald Trump: I’m Ready To Run For NY Gov, But I Want Clear Path To GOP Nomination’



donald trump

But just like Sarah ‘Quite Half Way Through Her Term’ Palin, he doesn’t want any one running against him.

“I really want unity,” said Trump, who is scheduled to address a GOP fundraiser in Buffalo Friday. “I want to go in there right from the beginning and I want to go in swinging right from the beginning. I don’t want to be knocking Rob or knocking anybody else to win a primary.”

Yeah. He doesn’t want to have to actually explain anything.
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