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A Republican vision for America – The ‘Freedom of Religion allows children to die’ Edition ‘GOP Lawmaker Defends Faith Healing Sect’s Right To Let Children Die’

followers of christ

If fanatical religious sects want to prevent common medical practices so that their children suffer and die, why that’s ‘religious freedom’.

‘Representative Christy Perry (R-Nampa) has already begun pushing back’.

‘She represents many of the Followers of Christ families and says this is about religious freedom and parental rights’.

‘Both of these have been curbed before, with only the welfare of the children in mind. Somehow the world didn’t end. But Rep. Perry is all freaked out’:

“This is about religious beliefs, the belief God is in charge of whether they live, and God is in charge of whether they die. This is about where they go for eternity.”

‘That’s right’.

‘Rep. Perry thinks that religious beliefs and parental rights trump a child’s right to live’.

‘Listen, if you want to leave things in God’s hands for yourself, that’s one thing and go ahead, knock yourself out. But when it comes to children, especially to babies who cannot speak for themselves, it’s a whole ‘nother ball game. Speculation is fine for an adult, but to gamble a child’s life on your conjecture is insane and should be illegal’.

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‘The Followers of Christ, a fanatical Christian sect, does not believe in medicine’.

‘They feel that God decides who lives and dies and all they should do to affect that is pray’.

‘The state of Oregon disagreed. Now an Idaho lawmaker wants to follow Oregon’s example’.

‘Oregon Followers of Christ couple’s trial prompts a new law
Back in 2009, the newborn son of Dale and Shannon Hickman died. He was born prematurely with no medical presence: he died within nine hours of his birth’.

‘The parents belonged to the Followers of Christ, a sect that relies on faith healing and prayer in lieu of medicine’.

‘Another couple who belonged to the Followers of Christ had just pleaded guilty to the death of their 7-month-old daughter when the Hickmans were arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter’.

‘The other couple, the Wylands, had been charged with first-degree criminal mistreatment. They were found guilty in 2011 and sentenced to 90 days in jail plus three years probation’.

‘Both couples were tried under the 1999 law passed by the Oregon legislature after a series of over 20 child deaths among Followers of Christ members’.

‘The children all died of easily treatable illnesses, partly because of the parental laws that had granted immunity in these cases’.

‘The 1999 law stripped that immunity for the severest cases: second-degree manslaughter and first- and second-degree criminal mistreatment. Several other Followers of Christ parents were prosecuted under the new law’.

‘Followers of Christ have a large presence in Idaho’.

‘Many members of the Followers of Christ live in and around the Boise area. They, too, have seen a spate of child deaths due to ignoring medicine in favor of faith’.

‘The children have ranged in age from 22 months to 16 years’.

‘One girl, 15-year-old Arrian Jade Granden, died after her food poisoning went untreated. Her esophagus ruptured from her prolonged vomiting’.

‘Another girl, 16-year-old Pamela Jade Eells, died of pneumonia’.

‘Twenty-two-month-old Rockwell Alexander Sevy died after suffering from pneumonia for two weeks’.

‘Rep. John Gannon (D-Boise), has seen enough’.

‘He wants to pass a law similar to Oregon’s, requiring parents to seek medical care for their gravely ill children’.

‘Even if their religion disagrees’.

‘Gannon told reporters that these children “… need a chance to grow up.”

‘As it stands right now, Idaho law says that causing felony injury to a child will get the perpetrator 10 years in prison. Oh, but there’s the usual religious exemption’:

“The practice of a parent or guardian who chooses for his child treatment by prayer or spiritual means alone shall not for that reason alone be construed to have violated the duty of care to such a child.”

‘In other words, “treating” a gravely ill child with faith-based means doesn’t constitute violation of said law’.

‘All a negligent parent has to do is claim that they don’t believe in modern medicine and they’re off the hook’.
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