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Liberals Lose 2014 – ‘Harry Reid Isn’t Ready To Kill The Filibuster For Legislation’

reid on filibuster


reid on filibusters

There are two sides to this.
On one side, if the filibusters continue then we’ll have another year of stagnation due to Republican obstruction.

Now it’s all good and well to go out and give speeches saying ‘we need to help the middle class and the poor’ but that can’t be done when the Republicans block everything in hopes that the economy will get bad enough the people will vote for them to replace the ‘do nothing Democrats’.

From May, 2012 :

But when you have the means to ‘fix’ the filibuster and you don’t?
Then you are fooling yourself and lying to the American people.

On the other side, if the media actually did it’s job (#1 not going to happen and #2 even Chuck Todd could do this) then the American public would be informed as to what exactly the Republicans stand FOR.

Blocking any and all legislation that might actually help people while offering no alternatives.

It’s just a ‘next few weeks’ to old Harry.

As 1.5 MILLION people go without money because the long term unemployment benefits expired without being renewed……

‘Don’t expect Harry Reid to end the filibuster for legislation anytime soon’.

“I don’t think we’re anywhere near that,” he told reporters on Thursday’.

‘The Senate majority leader was asked if the Republican blockade of legislation to revive jobless benefits may motivate him to eliminate what’s left of the filibuster after Democrats nixed it for most nominations last November’.

“We’re hopeful that something will work,” he said. “We’ve made progress on nominations. We’ll see what the next few weeks bring on that front.”
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A Republican vision for America – ‘Republicans Quietly Talk About Skipping Next Budget’

no budget no pay

‘House Republicans are quietly discussing the option of not writing a budget in 2014, a maneuver that would free up time on the legislative calendar and protect GOP lawmakers from a potentially damaging vote in an election year’.

‘The idea of Republicans skipping this year’s budgetary process seems odd when considering the House GOP made history last year by attaching a policy rider called “No Budget, No Pay” to a debt-limit extension’.
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Republican vision for America – ‘Senator Wants To Force Low-Income Americans To Show ID For Their Food’

david vitter



‘Food stamp recipients will have their grocery store humiliation compounded by having to show a photo ID in order to buy food if Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) gets his way’.

‘Under a bill Vitter introduced Wednesday, beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) would be denied their food if they are unable to show a photographic identification card at the register. For millions of low-income Americans who don’t have an official photo ID and can’t necessarily afford to buy one, Vitter’s bill would mean being cut off from their primary food source’.

‘Estimates of how many people are without the kind of ID Vitter wants to require are a bit fuzzy, as researchers have tended to focus on the issue in the context of voting rights, but multiple surveys have found that around 10 percent of the voting public doesn’t have a state-issued ID’.

‘One survey of voting-age citizens in 2006 put the ID-less proportion of the population at 11 percent, meaning that more than 21 million people nationwide likely lack photo ID’.

‘Vitter cites one fluke technological failure with the SNAP system and says the legislation “will restore some accountability to the program so it’s not ruined for people who use it appropriately,” suggesting that “fraud surrounding the taxpayer-funded program” is part of why SNAP costs doubled since 2008’.

‘While Republicans frequently employ that same dishonest talking point, the reality is that food programs have the lowest fraud rates of any public program’.

‘At 1 percent, SNAP fraud rates pale in comparison to the rate of fraud in the farm assistance programs that conservatives like Vitter are attempting to shelter from cuts in the ongoing farm bill fight’.
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A Republican Dark Age – ‘Texas Public Schools Are Teaching Creationism’

republicans evolution1


texas teaches creationasm

‘When public-school students enrolled in Texas’ largest charter program open their biology workbooks, they will read that’ :

‘The fossil record is “sketchy.”

‘That evolution is “dogma” and an “unproved theory” with no experimental basis’.

‘They will be told that leading scientists dispute the mechanisms of evolution and the age of the Earth’.

‘The more than 17,000 students in the Responsive Education Solutions charter system will learn in their history classes that’

  • ‘Some residents of the Philippines were “pagans in various levels of civilization.”
  • ‘They’ll read in a history textbook that feminism forced women to turn to the government as a “surrogate husband.”

‘Responsive Ed has a secular veneer and is funded by public money, but it has been connected from its inception to the creationist movement and to far-right fundamentalists who seek to undermine the separation of church and state’.

‘The opening line of the workbook section declares, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.”

‘Infiltrating and subverting the charter-school movement has allowed Responsive Ed to carry out its religious agenda—and it is succeeding’.

‘Operating more than 65 campuses in Texas, Arkansas, and Indiana, Responsive Ed receives more than $82 million in taxpayer money annually, and it is expanding, with 20 more Texas campuses opening in 2014’.
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