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A Republican vision for America – ‘Corporations Are People Too’ Edition – ‘Wisconsin Republicans propose 7-day work week at behest of business lobby’

republicans elinminate workers rights


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‘Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce said that it conceived of the law when it noted that the federal government does not have a rule mandating that workers receive a certain number of hours off per work cycle’.

‘A pair of Republican legislators in Wisconsin are circulating a draft of a bill that would allow a 7-day work week for the state’s workers’.

‘According to the Stephen Points Journal newspaper, the two lawmakers are floating the bill on behalf of the state’s largest anti-union business lobby, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce’.

‘Republicans say that the bill will expand workers’ opportunities to make money by working unconventional hours. They promise that the 7-day work week will increase productivity in the state and stimulate revenue’.

‘Opponents of the law say that employers would likely use the law as a means of erasing the weekend and forcing employees to work longer hours without rest’.

‘Conservatives say that workers will only have to forego their rest days if they volunteer’

(Oh well there’s no problem then because it’s only about the few who ‘volunteer’)

‘But the law’s opponents argue that businesses could create environments that are hostile to workers who insist on their rights’.

  • ‘Workers who take their mandated rest days could be skipped over for promotion’,
  • ‘Denied privileges allowed to workers who work a 7-day week or’

‘ Could see sharp reductions in their schedules until they no longer have enough hours to make ends meet, financially’.
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Liberals Lose 2014 – The continuing ‘voter purge’ Edition – ‘Ohio Agrees To Use Error-Riddled Voter Purge List’

republican voter purge1


republican voter purge

Add ‘purging’ to the usual Democrats apathy in midterms and TaDa! Republicans win – Liberals lose 2014.

‘Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R), one of the nation’s most notorious vote suppressors, has agreed to join an error-riddled multi-state voter purge database. The move comes as part of a settlement with voter-suppression groups who sued the state to force it to remove names from its voter rolls’.

‘The Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program aims to make sure that voters do not participate in elections in more than one state at a time. More than two dozen states submit their voter registration lists to the system and can check to make sure voters are not also registered in a different state. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), best known for his anti-immigrant efforts, oversees the program’.

‘After Virginia joined the system, the state’s board of elections (under then-Gov. Bob McDonnell (R)) sent a list of names to local voter registrars of alleged out-of-state voters. Chesterfield County Registrar Lawrence C. Haake III (R) found a 17 percent error rate in his preliminary review of the list’.

‘The voter registrars for the City of Chesapeake, Arlington County, and Fairfax County — three of the ten largest jurisdictions in Virginia — each estimated at least a 9 to 10 percent error rate in the lists they received’.
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But it’s NOT Republican obstructionism – Two Republican Filibusters On The Same Issue In One Day – ‘Republican Senators filibuster jobless aid’



republican filibuster1

Two piecies of legislation that would have extended long term unemployment benefits – passed the Senate with majority votes.

But……But the Republicans filibustered BOTH pieces of legislation so they needed 60 votes to pass.

But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism……In fact it’s the Democrats fault!

‘In response to Republican requests that they be allowed votes on their amendments to the bill, Democrats agreed to consider five Democratic and five Republican amendments at a 60-vote threshold, with a catch’:

‘That the GOP would consent to a simple majority vote on the underlying bill, which would extend emergency benefits through November’.

‘Republicans swiftly rejected the offer from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who said Republicans were trying to “have their cake and eat it too” by requiring 60 votes on the underlying legislation while also demanding consideration of their amendments’.

“Are Republicans filibustering unemployment insurance benefits, or are they not?” Reid said on the Senate floor’.

‘Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Democratic proposal was “fundamentally unfair” and not in good faith’.

“I hope you all are beginning to get the picture here, of who’s responsible for dysfunction in the Senate,” McConnell told reporters, deriding a “ridiculous offer that we couldn’t possibly accept” from Reid. “This is utterly absurd.”

‘The chamber voted 52-48 to reject a bill that would have extended benefits through November and pay for it by extending the sequester’s mandatory spending cuts into 2024. A different measure to extend the aid for three months — without a pay-for — was defeated 55-45′.
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