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Turn Texas Blue – ‘Wendy Davis’ Secret Weapon Revealed: Here’s How She Can Win Texas’

turn texas blue1

This is and always was going to be a huge uphill battle but of all the possible Democrats, she may well have the best shot.


‘Texas Senator Wendy Davis knows our struggles because she has live them’.

‘An empathetic politician wealthy or otherwise can be an asset to society. Politicians who have lived the life of millions of poor and middle class Americans possess that empathy within their DNA’.

‘Texas has one of those politicians running for governor’.

‘Democratic Senator Wendy Davis went from living in a trailer park as a single mother to Harvard. If Texans allow themselves to vote their interest and not their fears she will be the next governor of Texas’.

‘Democratic Senator Wendy Davis went back to her trailer park with Maria Shriver for a piece she is doing on the 50 year war on poverty’.

Maria Shriver: “You haven’t been back here since you’ve lived here”.

Wendy Davis: “That’s right”.

Maria Shriver: “When you look at this place, what are you feeling right now”.

Wendy Davis: “Um, a homecoming of sorts, definitely. I’ve tried real hard not to put this in the rear view mirror. I try to keep it present”.

“Just in terms of the work that I do, making sure that my perspective is never too far removed from this”.

“The hardest thing in the world is to be giving something your all, and it is not good enough”.

“That is what I was experiencing when I was here”.

“I was giving it my all, working two jobs and doing the best I could. But this is the place that I came home to with the phone not working from time to time or the lights not working from time to time”.
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