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A Republican vision for America – A Second Dark Age

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This is Conservative politics. This is the Republican Party.
Misinformation. Disinformation and simple lies.
Their ‘base’, teabaggers, eat this up and expect no facts what-so-ever.

The rank and file Republicans live in fear of being branded ‘Not Conservative Enough’ or worse – Not A (Sarah Palin) ‘REAL’ American – so they remain silent.

This is the opposition to America and to Independents and Liberals that want a working, stable America.

In Texas – a State Board Of Education candidate.

‘Meet Lady Theresa Thombs, State Board of Education Candidate, Dame of Justice, Carrier of Diplomatic Papers’

‘She wasted literally no time before she started lobbing bombs at her fellow candidates, accusing Hardy of being a “life-long Democrat,” and Mahroum of being forced by the state attorney general to pay child support’.

‘Her bare-knuckle approach to politics earned her a smattering of boos. Thombs held up her hand for quiet and doubled down. “I have a Republican opponent who has children by two different mothers and owes child support.”

‘Next, she accused him of fabricating his college degree, eliciting another round of jeers from an irritated audience. But the coup de grâce was this: “You know, his real experience in management is Chuck E. Cheese.”

‘Mahroum would later insist toThe Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he is, in fact, a regional trainer for the novelty pizza chain’.

‘Once she’d finished with her fellow candidates, she took aim, albeit briefly, at the subject that had ostensibly motivated her candidacy in the first place. History, she stated, should be written by “experts, not people from socialist higher education.” As far as the sciences go, “We know we didn’t come from monkeys!”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” she began in summation. “They’re using your tax dollars to brainwash our children into socialist issues and ideas and it is time for it to stop. Common Core and every single shred of CSCOPE has got to go.”
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This week in Liberals Lose 2014 – ‘Hillary’s Hit List’

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liberals lose


From ‘Hillary’s Hit List’ :
“Inside a cramped third-floor office of Hillary Clinton’s once-bustling presidential campaign headquarters in the Ballston neighborhood of Arlington, Va., Kris Balderston and Adrienne Elrod put the finishing touches on a political hit list”.
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Republicans have to rebuild the ‘Hate The Clintons’ brand while offering no alternatives.
And the media doesn’t ask for alternatives because hating the Clintons sells better.

And the constant, 24 hours a day drum beating from the right wing media. The ‘Keep Making Obama Illegitimate And By Default All Democrats Because They Supported Him’ mantra :

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‘Robert Fulford: Barack Obama may be commander-in-chief, but he’s a partisan at heart’
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‘Why Bridgegate made headlines but Obama’s IRS scandal didn’t’
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‘Karl Rove: Bridge scandal proves Christie is ‘what we want’ in a president’
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And the pièce de résistance….

‘Rep. Darrell Issa’s agenda in 2014: IRS, Benghazi and Fast and Furious’
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Liberals Lose 2014 – ‘How to lie to stupid people’

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It’s impossible to even attempt to stop the misinformation, disinformation and lies.

‘When the IRS “scandal” broke back in May of 2013, you couldn’t escape it for weeks on end’.

‘More specifically, it was all over the place until the end of June’.

‘A good six weeks’.

‘I don’t even to look at the archives to know this. Why’?

‘Because July 1 is the date the right is using to start its “six month” time frame for comparison’.

“The last 6 months”

‘In other words, instead of comparing media coverage of the IRS “scandal” on Day One to the coverage of Bridgegate on Day One’,

‘The right wing media skipped six weeks ahead’.

‘Six weeks in the news is an eternity’.

‘People lost interest in the first Iraq war in less time than that and that had explosions. So after six weeks of frenzied media coverage of a scandal that turned out to be a big fat dud, the country moved on. Just like it always does’.

‘So how stupid do you have to be to compare the six months AFTER a story died to the first week of a breaking scandal’?

‘Apparently you have to be stupid enough to vote Republican’.

‘Debate rooms and right-wing Facebook pages have exploded with the comparison’.

‘It’s like a lifeline to idiots that know they should be condemning Christie’.

‘The problem is that they would rather drink West Virginia’s tainted water before applying their so-called “morals” to a conservative politician.

‘The rush to defend Bridgegate is just another symptom of the right’s rapid onset dementia. We can only hope the hypocrisy and crazed partisanship is reaching peak insanity because any political movement that allows itself to be so openly and blatantly manipulated is unfit to make decisions for itself much less the rest of us’.
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Liberals Lose 2014 – ‘Stunning New Revelation In Christie Bridgegate! It’s All The “Liberal” Media’s Fault’

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liberal media


In the right wing media, it’s not about Chris Christie – it’s about the ‘Liberal media slant’.

‘Why is the “liberal” media hyping Bridgegate but ignoring REAL scandals?!?!?!’

‘In order to gloss over Bridgegate, the right has concocted a rather unique narrative to be outraged over. Did you know that the “liberal” media has covered Bridgegate more than they have the IRS “scandal? It’s true! Sort of’.

‘Here’s the NY Post: “Why Bridgegate made headlines but Obama’s IRS scandal didn’t”

‘Washington Examiner: “Nets give ‘Bridgegate’ 17 times more coverage in 1 day than IRS scandal in 6 months”

‘MRC: Deluge: “Now 44 Times More TV Coverage of Christie’s Traffic Scandal Than in Last Six Months on IRS”

‘Here’s the “unbiased” Wall Street Journal’:

“Not that this should make Mr. Christie or any other potential GOP candidate complacent. Republicans operate under a double media standard that holds them to a much lower scandal threshold. In that sense the pathetic New Jersey traffic-lane scandal may be, as Mr. Obama likes to say, a teachable moment”.

‘It’s a scandal! Bridgegate is just minor nothing pay no attention LOOK! The IRS SCANDAL!’
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A Republican vision for America – Endless Wars – ‘McCain: Send Petraeus back to Iraq’



Yes. Let’s keep sending our best and brightest (actually more likely to be our poorest hoping for a chance at a better life) to other Countries to fight endless civil wars because we don’t like the way they think or act.


“I would suggest perhaps sending David Petraeus and Ambassador (Ryan) Crocker back over there,” McCain told CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley’.
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One Man’s Trash….. – ‘Out Of Excuses Fox Hits Rock Bottom By Calling Chris Christie Masculine and Muscular’



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‘Transcript from Media Matters’:

HOST HOWARD KURTZ : “So what about this bully narrative [surrounding Chris Christie]”?

FOX SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST BRIT HUME: “Well, I would have to say that in this sort of feminized atmosphere in which we exist today, guys who are masculine and muscular like that in their private conduct, kind of old fashion(ed) tough guys, run some risk”.
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